Wake n bake before school

Discussion in 'General' started by Havok Se7en, Nov 16, 2011.

  1. Pretty good, feels nice at school. I don't have to worry about coming down because I'll be busy in class. :smoke:
  2. I used to every day in highschool
  3. I'm wake and baking too! Well.. I haven't gone to bed yet.. so technically just baking. I never liked going to school high, I always got hungry way before lunch and tired as fuck lmao I didn't ever want to learn when I was high.

  4. Try smoking some pure sativa instead of indica/hybrids. :)
  5. I'm sure it's fun but I haven't had a successful day of wakeNbaking then going to school...

    Last time I did I passed out in class due to low blood sugar because I didn't eat in so long. It was only like 12 hours because I didn't eat breakfast and the last time I ate was dinner. I the teacher was talking to me and I was just staring at the desk because my ears were ringing and I couldn't hear shit. Then my vision went and I couldn't talk. She asked if I was okay and I sad "I think I'm gonalaksdfjalfg adflkajdfla;kdjfa a" and she told me to go to the nurse and had some big black kid make sure I got down there okay. Once I got some crackers I was fine and went right to gym and played soccer XDDDDD

    Moral of the story: bring a poptart or something. Don't be a coconut.
  6. Everyday... Hahaha, High school sucked.
  7. I didn't too often, mixing weed with learning is... eh, it's not fun. I'd rather smoke and chill.
  8. Coming down in school, i'll be damned if that wasn't the most tired I ever was in highschool. after a peak i would just be such a stereotypical stoner, not doing much, glazed eyes, mumbling words, etc.i don't smoke too much in school, but i did smoke before during and after a class (college) today :smoking:
  9. I remember for a month in 10th grade, I would get up every morning at about 6 AM. I'd pack my glass bowl to the top (nearly a half a gram), sit out the back in the foggy, peaceful, early morning and start my day in a blissful cloud of smoke :smoke:

    It was great because at lunch time I would become sober and be like... how the fuck did I get here? From that smoke to lunch was a very pleasurable blur of events. Then I'd get home, pack the bowl again, chill watching TV for the afternoon, sleep and wake up, rinse and repeat :D

  10. Know what's weird as fuck? When I'm burnt I'm a fuckin thinking machine lol. I get shit done when I'm burnt cause I'm so much of a zombie that I do what I need to and I don't even think about stopping. I studied for 3 straight hours once (rare for me) because I was coming down from a high/being burnt. But as soon as I went back to normal I was like "fuck this"
  11. I don't understand OP. Are you saying that the federal marijuana prohibition *doesn't* prevent you from obtaining marijuana? The prohibition costs taxpayers $40 billion a year, if it's not keeping people "safe" from marijuana then why are we funding it? :confused:
  12. Omg ikr.

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