Wake and Bake

Discussion in 'General' started by HighAsPhuck, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. Does anyone me get the highest when they smoke in the morning as I do? I just smoked half a bowl and I am so high -- granted, it's OG kush.
  2. first bowl of the day is always the best
  3. It depends if I smoke the night before or not.
  4. First time you smoke for the day is the best... Morning, afternoon but if you wait all day then toke up at night you get pretty blitzed.
  5. Rise n burn B-)
  6. Generally you're highest in the morning when you wake and bake because you're tolerance went down a teeny bit while you were sleeping. Unless you smoke in your sleep, your tolerance won't be getting higher, so compared to other times of the day your first smoke should be the best.
  7. I love wake n bakes man. Eating cereal after a bong rip is awsome.
  8. You rise with the sun, I rise with the moon. Night time toking is the best for me.
  9. The wake n bake today was fantastic :D

  10. This. Same goes for ciggs.
  11. Yessss a bowl then a cig with some coffee is always good....it goes downhill from there.
  12. Less blood glucose when you wake up=higher...i fast throughout the day and i dislike WnB'ing cause my munchies turn into a monster
  13. Yea i just woke up an hour ago and had three hits of kief and i'm pretty high. lol

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