waka waka waka 2011

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  1. just thought i'd through out there that wakarusa this year is going to be incredible! an entire weekend of camping, music, friends, dancing, and fun.
    the line up for the whole festival is amazing but the night and morning lineup is truly amazing. It's called the interstellar meltdown and includes Thievory Corporation, STS9, Bassnectar, Modeselektor, Skrillex, Stanton Warriors, Shpongle, OTT, Eoto, and more!

    hope to see a lot of you there...
    heres links for info about the interstellar meltdown and whole festival for those who are interested!

    Interstellar Meltdown : June 2nd - 5th, 2011 : Presented by Wakarusa, Cicada Rhythm & Beatnik Generation

    Wakarusa :: June 2-5, 2011
  2. Waka waka by Colombian singer Shakira songs by South African band Freshlyground. It is fantastic songs. This song will be Shakira and South African group Freshlyground. According to FIFA, "waka waka" has sold 4 million worldwide.
  3. shit is way 2 fucking far for me

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