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Waiting for your dealer in dodgy areas

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by thezool, Jan 27, 2010.

  1. my dealer always wants me to come to this ally to meet with him, i want my bud so i go for it. its not a hugely dangerous place but i always feel very suspicious hanging around an ally, sometimes ill be waiting up to 30 minutes, so standing around an ally for 30 minutes i obviously feel very awkward when someone walks past. :eek:

    if your dealer wants you to hang around for him somewhere dodgy, what do you do? pretend to be on your phone?
  2. pretty much. just act like your texting, and dont look at anyone. maybe walk around the block.
  3. Sometimes I'll play loud brass instruments poorly in order to avoid drawing attention to myself
  4. Smoke cigarettes and act busy. Or find a new dealer. Many dealers choose strange meeting places so that you can't check your bag right then and there. That way it's wayyyyy easier for them to rip you off.
  5. Exactly, its really weird he makes u wait in an ally for up to 30 minutes to get some, you should definitely try to find another dealer asap.
  6. have a talk with em and see if you can find a better spot?
  7. just bc its "an alley" doesnt mean its a super sketchy place. its no different than like an aparment complex or something. its a public place in which youre standing around waiting, loitering, and that alone can be a problem.

    but that doesnt necessarily mean its a shady dealer, maybe he just doesnt like to bring business home and prefers to meet in public but discreet places.
  8. I've had some dealers meet me in the bathroom's of fast food joints and other Hardee's, Harris Teeter(grocery store)...
  9. Why are some people telling him to find a new dealer? That doesn't make sense. When you look at things like this from a dealers perspective, there are many many reasons why he might want to meet you in an alley. And yes, one being he doesn't want to bring business to his house. You never know what family he may have, including little kids, who I never do business around.

    Personally, if it's good weed, I would keep buying from him. It's just an alley. As long as you don't get busted by a cop with anything while waiting, what's the worst that can happen? Unless you live in the ghetto and there's a lot of guns around. Either way, if you don't like meeting him in your usual spot, just change the spot.
  10. you don't need a new dealer, you need to buy bigger bags...
  11. I have a friend who meets up with me in public parking lots... usually around 7-9PM, and usually semi empty lots like Michaels and Sports stores etc... but I still hate it, because we both pull up, sit in our cars for like 10 minutes, then his dealer rolls up and we all split. It's FISHY.
  12. As long as you know hes a decent guy - not stiffing you and his weeds decent, stick with him... I'd just walk around the area a bit and tell him to text you/call you when hes ready.. I wouldn't risk hanging around there
  13. #13 Goldmine, Jan 27, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 27, 2010
    thats why apartments work better. but its still fishy, especially if you cant coordinate properly and you end up having to wait for him for up to 30 minutes. thats why dark is better. and its good to hang out for a minute after you get back in your car, you dont have to take off right away..

    i used to try to trick my guy into not making me wait.. id figure out he long he was taking, and then id call ahead and say im already there. that way by the time he gets there its 15 minutes later and ive only been there waiting three. but this can backfire in a bad way, bc if he beats you there and you make him wait, he'll end up taking even longer in the future, even when you do call ahead bc he probably knows thats what you were doing.

    i would get so pissed about waiting, bc its kinda suspicious you know, just sitting in your car, even if you are looking down at your phone, and theres really no one around. thres always someone watching... but do you really want your guy speeding around town, rushing to save 10 mintues?

    and you know if youre going to use an actual business establishment, i like the meetiing in the bathroom idea. it takes like 5 extra minutes to get out and go inside.
  14. I think that sometimes, the more obvious the place, the better because people will be a lot less suspicious. I tend to find that bus stops or walls outside large shops are good, and passing police won't think twice.
    Also, mp3 players and phones are good, try and get a fun little time wasting game or something on your phone/iPod.
    Blaze it up :smoking:
  15. shit when i was younger i used to have this massive black dealer (not being racist) who was a pretty scary guy, your average goon/gangster dealer, used to have to go into his estate in this fucking ghetto sort of area on my own pretty often, would shit myself so often going down there, so glad i found some new dealers!

    when i used to have to wait around outside for dealers i'd either go for a walk around the block or have a cigarette or some shit.
  16. Yea, the other night I bought a quad and my dealer told me to go in the parking lot outside his place and wait there for him. So I waited about 15min or so he simply walks out of the apartment complex and gets in the car and then we roll. Usually it goes well, but sometimes there are cops there.
    Also, another kid I know always wants to meet in a courtyard at a dorm building and it is surrounded on all four sides with buildings with people in them. I stopped buying form him, he was sketchy and I think he jipped me..
  17. ive had sooo many weird dealers
    the thing i keep in mind
    help them out
    hell help me out
    i become friends with my dealrs
    so i dont have to worry about being sketchy
    even tho im sure it looks obvious sometimes
    but i havnt met in a public place ina loooooong time
    usualy thats how people get caught
    or fucked over
    lost money
    dipped out the bag
    shit like that
  18. people have been saying about him shorting me, he hasnt done so far but ive only been to him twice. theres nowhere else around really thats any less inconspicuous. i suppose the ally i meet him down now is ok because people dont walk down there often, but its when they do that it feels really suspicious.

    there are a few houses around too and if they see me going there often to meet with someone and then walk away, they may call the cops when they see me again.

    maybe when ive been to him a few more times he may trust me enough to go to his house.
  19. if its a really sketchy area wait in a store close by pretend to be lookin 4 stuff nd when he arrives come out.. maybe find a burger joint sit down eat wait for your dealer to come through.. or just wait outside and call or text someone.. i wud say listen to music but if its a real sketch area u prob wanna pay attention to your surroundings
  20. If I have to wait for a dealer I certainly don't hang around an alley looking totally obvious. I just wait at a $tarbucks patio until they pull up, and either negotiate in the car or pass it very discreetly on the patio.

    In highschool I used to buy direct from a grower, and he was crazy as fuck with about a dozen insane Pit Bulls running around while he weighed up my bud. Now I make a call and voila weed at my doorstep in less than 1hr

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