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Waitin' for Highya!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by smokinokie, Feb 7, 2002.

  1. Will you send my spirit back home please?


    You already did?

    That sumbitch's probably sittin in a bar tellin' lies somewhere between there and here!:)

    Tell us what's going on babe!


    A little brevity.

    If Def Lepard's drummer jumps in a pool and starts swimming, does he go in clockwise or counter-clockwise circle?
  2. It depends which side of the equator he's on, noerth or south. i mean th swimmong thing not Highya.

    She going to be fine, I see it chile in my crystal ball!!!
  3. She has to be w/ all the good thoughts and good karma from all of us.
  4. been keeping my fingers and toes crossed all day!!!
    highya hun how ya doin??
  5. i must admit i felk kinda stupid after makin such a deal outa just going to the dr. , i caint believe you really CARE, an yea i do feel all have replaced prime-time for me for a long time now.
    sooo heres my deal. we wont know the a to z bloodwork for a few days. we did learn as an added bonus i have a "special" antibody that causes my body's chemicals to fight their own=autoimune disorder...all these ARE spelled incorrectly, for i am very lazy..basically my body is attacking itself :)---wouldnt that just figure ! this is all somthing that can be takin care of its just a huge pain..... an
    hhm i um 'fell down' like a year ago and hurt my shoulder pretty badly and from time to time thats a huge pain in my ass,(ok back) new friend the DR. was like yep major muscle spasms....*hey on a light note....gots me some good then....
    BOYS JUST STOP HERE.....this is girly stuff

    mrs. ____ and he actually said this... " mind if i look at your bottom"
    "scuse me,...UH YES I MIND A LOT"...."i didnt come prepard and this WAS NOT part of the deal"
    not a good thing....
    if ida known id have worn my stirrup-socks
    and i definately WOULD HAVE SHAVED!!!!!!!!!!!lol
    SOoo im still bitching about it to the nurse n stuff and he's doing his buisness cracking jokes about how he KNEW i would skip that kind of appointment...
    i get to see the man again in 2 weeks :rolleys:
    i took you all to lunch with a
    terrible craving for chicken
  6. Sounds like you are describing lupus, has he ruled that out yet?
  7. ....nope,
    nothing been ruled out.

    like thats not scary...eek

  8. somehow i missed THIS the first time around.... i feel a huge relief, plus ok i HAD to try out a back pill..this stuff just might work....
    reading on, well...i forgive you...ALL
  9. ....tell us it's girl stuff and expect us to stop reading!

    Glad to here all is well!

    Spousal unit used to go to a doctor like that.

    "Doc, I think I broke my arm!"

    "OK. Take off all your clothes."

    Might be why she won't play doctor with me!

    Peace on you too!:)
  10. Smokie's right you shoulda have said "I'm going to talk about SHOPPING now" instead of "girl stuff" ;)

    Glad to hear you are in lighter spirits, still crossing my fingers for ya :)
  11. wow i dindt even know anything was ging on wiht higha since im a pretty new member....go luck wiht everyhitng wiht the doctor ans stuff!! your in my prayers...!
    i feel ya with the doctor "checking everyhting" ahaha

    well rest up man

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