wait...how can you say weed isn't a gateway drug..?

Discussion in 'General' started by jimboob, Feb 9, 2009.

  1. alright...don't flip out on me for this im just asking a question...okay so i was looking up stuff about LSD, and decided to see if this site had any info. so i searched LSD and found a few of those "what other drugs do you do?" topics.....some of you people have like freakin 30 different drugs on your lists!

    i mean okay, i'm kind of intrested in LSD because i like deep thinking and figuring things out and all that stuff, but other then that i never have and never will do anything other then weed, alchohol, caffeine, and MAYBE a cigarrete at a party or somthing...

    i understand that not everyone who smokes trys other drugs, but even alotta kids who smoke in my school pop pills and use coke and stuff...

    i guess im just wondering what makes some of you want try other (more harmful) things? honestly, what could possibly be appealing about drinking a bottle of NyQuil?? or shooting up herion or meth?

    again, it's just a question, not tryin to get anyone pissed off here...
  2. I'm the same way except I'd like to try shrooms and or LSD. Other drugs seem stupid to me, not trying to offend anyone, and would probably just kill me cause I am lucky like that.

    I think people call weed a gateway drug because to me it's the easiest to try first as a drug and not get killed by it. But people prolly figure well since I do this I can try that. Really I think it's all in your mind. You said yourself you smoke and don't want to try other harsh shit. It matters who you are and how you feel.

    What probably occurs is studies where they ask what drugs do you do and they say all their shit and then it asks what they start and porlly more than likely it is weed.

    Smoking weed does not equal use of other drugs. But in most cases I assume Doing other drugs equals also smokes weed. A square is a rectangle, but a rectangle ain't a square.
  3. I don't think marijuana is a gateway drug any more than cigarettes or alcohol are gateway drugs. Hell, even caffeine could be considered a gateway drug if you really wanted to be nit picky. Once people find something that alters their mind they become interested in how all different kinds of drugs alter their mind. Nothing wrong with searching for your drug of choice. It's kind of like picking out a new car and what color to go with.
  4. I started on marijuana and then moved to prescription pills and from there tried cocaine. it can be a gateway drug if you let it be.
  5. Marijuana isn't a gateway drug. The situation of obtaining marijuana is a gateway drug, aka its being illegal. One must go through "connects" or "drug dealers," to get their weed- eventually they meet so many connects, that they can get ahold of other drugs. at this point, curiosity can play a detrimental role - as the person realizes his easy access to other drugs, and entertains the thought of trying them. Proof lies in the statistics of drug use in the netherlands since theyve opened coffee hosues, and separated marijuana from the rest of other drugs. their use in marijuana hasnt changed much since it was illegal, and their populations "hard drug" usage has seen a significant decline. Proof in hand - marijuana is not a gateway drug - its illegality leads to situations that cause curiosity and availabilty towards the purchase and use of other drugs
  6. its your environment that causes cannabis to be a gateway drug, not cannabis itself.

    if youre willing to do a ton of drugs, chances are you'll try cannabis first and continue to harder drugs.

    people like me though would NEVER try other drugs than weed

    id be way too scared to do anything but weed

    honestly, it just baffles me how anyone can actually smoke weed and then say "oh i wanna do a harder drug now", but thats just me

  7. you'll never understand why people do drugs like heroin, meth, coke until you've tried them yourself
    im not telling you to try them yourself, and i haven't tried most of them myself
    im just saying theres a reason they're addictive both mentally and physically
    did u understand why people like weed so much before you started smoking it?

    theres many reasons why weed got its reputation as a gateway drug but alcohol is just as responsible for being a gateway drug. maybe more so because alcohol is usually the first drug everyone tries. then maybe weed 2nd once you start getting a lil adventurous. the whole gateway thing is just a label put on it by 'the man' to hold down its legalization.
  8. I don't think you can blame one substance for a person's personal decision to try other substances

    Do you own a car? Did you buy it because you had a bike?

  9. i actually did buy my car because i had a bike... my bike just wasn't cutting it anymore, and i needed to find a better method of transportation:p

    but yea, its not a gateway drug. its a gateway situation of laws, curiosity and decision making
  10. if weed didnt exist, the next easiest drug to get would be the "gateway drug". doesnt have anything to do with any characteristics of weed.

    and if weed was legal i wouldnt expect any increases in heroin/etc usage
  11. I want to know why alcohol isn't considered a gateway drug

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but don't you think more people drink a beer before they smoke weed? I know I did
  12. Yes, weed can be a gateway drug. So can prescription pills for your broken leg, so can the cough syrup you take for you cold, so can the coke you scored at that shitty apartment. People just over-exaggerate weed as a gateway drug, don't get me wrong it is, but so are many other things, in fact sometimes weed is a step down.
  13. Weed is not a gateway drug. It's the connections you make when buying/selling weed man. Not the ganj itself.
  14. No, you bought a car because you didn't have a car. :rolleyes:
  15. If weed is a gateway drug then so is coffee...
  16. TECHNICALLY, believe it or not. A gateway drug is where you get high on it and want to explore other different drugs. It doesn't have to deal with "Oh getting high off weed for the first time was awesome last night man!, ima try some cocain". Thats what most people associate gateway drugs with. But alcohol if you think of it is a true gateway drug.

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