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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by thcisthewayout, May 6, 2005.

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  1. Hey whats up im a newbie 2 grass city any 1 around the waco area send me a message im lookin 4 real deal smokers not those wanna b\'s who dimes n twins
  2. Hmm, ok welcome to the city. :)
  3. Hey i just moved from the Atx to waco, anyone help me out with some hookups?
  4. do you smokers in texas know where to find dank bud?
  5. I live in Texas.. and yeah there is dank bud but you see alot more swag from Mexico.. great thing is how cheap it is here though (swag)
    Quarter = $20
    Half = $30
    Ounce = $45-50 depending on who you know..

    kb runs at like 20 a gram, but thats the same pretty much everywhere..

    I live in Austin, if you wanna make the drive I know hookups for whatever you want.. from bud to acid to heroin, and everything inbetween :)
  6. No hook ups at the city!
  7. Yeah, what Aimed said. We don\'t tolerate hook-ups at the City. Please refrain from doing this again.

    Normally, it\'s a straight up ban so I\'ll have to consult and see if this will be the same.
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