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  1. I dont know if this is the proper section but it sounds about right.
    Also im sure this has been asked/brought up a million times but the search button does jack shit for me you type in what you want and all it does is pop up a million threads with nothing you searched in the thread title. im set with sifting through a million post to find someone who just said one word of what im looking for to answer my question... so bare with me!

    im looking into the the wacky bubble bag sets to do dry ice sifting.
    whats the difference between bubble bags and the dry ice bags?
    also the larger the micron size the smaller the kief? 220 would be 220 holes per however sq. area so the kief will be of blond hash. smaller micron number say 73 is bigger holes per same sq. area = more plant matter will get through?

    for the dry ice bags they have a deal you get 3 5gal bags the 220 160 110 and these are the ones that i thought i would want.

    anyone have experience with these bags? hows the quality?

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  5. 73 is a finer micron than 220, it will let virtually no plant matter through.

    220 will let a lot more through, providing a greater yield and if I remember correctly is the size used for the dry ice kief method.
  6. You can also just google search then type grasscity after

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