W.t.f. Was I Thinking,,, Letting A Girl Stay For A Week That Had A 2 Yr. Old ?

Discussion in 'General' started by chicken, Sep 19, 2007.

  1. I JUST TOOK THIS CHICK ''BACK'' to where she lives,,,, after letting her hang out at my house for a week,,,,i done lost the glass out of 2 of my pictures,,,, because he knocked them off the wall////

    i mean that pussy was good,,,, but not that good,!!!!!!!

    i aint got no problem with a female having kids,,,, but they need to be a little older,,,,, that whining and crying,,,, was really starting to turn me off,,,,

    i need a swift kick in the ass,,, i guess i had a temporary lapse of my sanity,,,,,,:cool:

    i got a nice place,,, too nice ,,,,for a 2 yr. old to destroy,,,,,,:D
  2. they dont call it the "terrible 2's" for nuthin man, i'da kicked the beezie out too
  3. Haha man I cant stand kids. Always yelling and screaming, just making noise and being obnoxious. Crying over not getting their way, kids are just a hassle.
  4. Ya got to watch out for those single moms. They can be great in the sack, but there is a reason the baby's daddy is not in the picture.

    I got hooked up with a single mommy a few years back. I thought I was gonna need an IV, she was a freak. Unfortunateley she was psyco too. Caused me lots of problems.
  5. Is this the one that you posted a pic of? She was leaning against a tree I think.
  6. ^ i'd like to see a pic of her. lol.

    That sucks ... girls w/ baggage suuucks!
  7. no that was before this past one,,,, that was her idea to post that picture,,,,,

    she was like a quick thing,,,, but it lasted for 3 days,,,,,,,,,,

    i'll give the girl credit,,,, she could work the ol- monkey-stick,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,:D

    but she was eating all my food,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,:p
  8. aahahah give her some sperm she could use the protien
  9. chickens crib sounds nice, kinda makes me wana hotbox it =P
  10. your welcome to my crib anytime,,,, i got a extra room,,, with a full bed in it,,, the friends fuck room i call it,,,

    i got a friend whos married,,, that brings these hoes over,,,,

    he's like this is '' judy'',,,, and then whishes her down the hall,,, and closes the door,,, to get laid,,,

    your welcome to use the extra room anytime,,,, just bring me a 12-pack,,,, rent is rent....right?:cool: [​IMG] [​IMG] :p
  11. Clearly you weren't thinking. Or your cock was thinking for you. .... probably your cock.

  12. Well, chicken...your thread was reported, specifically the original post that I quoted. A Super Mod looked it over and so did I. There's no disrespect shown to another member of the City. You didn't call anyone a name. You didn't post porn. I can't for the life of me see why it was reported and neither can the Super Mod who checked this thread before me. This is a typical chicken thread as far as I can tell.

    We want the Blades of the City to report things that steer against our guidelines. We definitely appreciate it. Even the reports of threads posted in the wrong forums help us get things moved more efficiently. Those that do it are helping the City. However, useless reporting only takes time away from other things that our Mod team could be doing here.

    Again, we appreciate the reports but I don't think this one was warranted.
  13. thats how ur mom and everyone around u felt about you when you were 2 my man.

  14. No shit lol doesnt mean hes the type to tolerate kids though

    Kids annoy some people...just cause someone was once a child doesnt mean they have to love kids
  15. U nice chicken LOL, your crib sounds even nicer that you got a spare room haha, the magic room haha. If i could i would tho ASAP. Oh and a 24 pack or more would def be in order;)
  16. a typical chicken thread;;;;; i like that quote.....

    i guess some people cant stand my '' free-will'' nature,,,,,or maybe they are to '' sensitive'' to real life issues ?????

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