W.T.F.???? scales??

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by FADIOUS, Jun 4, 2006.

  1. a fellow buddie of ours is less fortunate with no access to this site so im posting for them ... ive never encountered this either .... he's got slow moving white worms that search the perfect spot on the stalk then hook into it n become a scaley bump ..... doesnt seem all that bad til u see the girls n their choking out bad n in 6-7 weeks of bloom ...... says neem oil wont touch em n is afraid to spray anything this late in the game.....what are they n how do you do battle in full blown bloom with out sacrificing quality ??? purple kush .. silver haze... big buds n a strawberry cough are the strains were dealing with ....thanx for any help>>>:eek:
  2. Dunno, possibly try safer soap. It affects insects by coating their skin and suffocating them, worms may breathe through their skin too. And safer soap can be rinsed off the plant.
  3. "safer soap" ... the ol' garden center should carry this?
    the end result isnt gonna taste like soap? ....

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