Vyanse? Is it like adderall?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by neff, Sep 18, 2009.

  1. My doctor said that Vyanse was just like adderall, just you are unable to like cook it up and inject and what not. I tried adderall of my friends and it made me focus alot it school, become talkative when not focusing on the work.. etc..

    Will this 30mg dose of Vyanse have the same effects on me as Adderall did?

    Can anyone tell me the differences?
  2. Much better IMO, and seeing your on house detention it'd be much fun for you. I have much experience with vyvanse and overdosing[not to fun] if you ever need help. It'll produce similar effects but a different feeling. Alot of people prefer vyvanse aswell. I suggest getting prescribed it forsure!

  3. Hahah yes I am, only one more week left though, actually 6 days. The 24th is my last day. How long typically does the Vyvanse last? I took one before around 4 to test it out since I just got prescribed it by my doctor. I already cleaned my room, but it seems like its not clean enough.. which is funny cause my room is usually so messy hahah. What do you suggest I do when on this anways? It seems like I'll never be doing nothing, it scares me sometimes cause I don't to always have an URGE to do shit, but it's very nice and I am mainly going to be using it for school. I liked adderall cause it made me active and do well in school. Not that I don't like it now, I just dont want to always have this rush of needing to do shit, you know? hahah
  4. I personally don't think that Vyvanse is as good as Adderall.

  5. What is your reasoning behind this?
  6. Vyvanse turns into pure d-amphetamine which is better than adderall which is 25% l-amphetamine. The problem is Vyvanse is absorbed very slowly so the rush you get from adderall won't be there. Think of it as an Adderall XR but even slower.

  7. I see, we'll currently IM LOVING THIS. Its making me do so much more work and get into so much more productive things. I feel like I have so much more to write down in these responses that I did before. I'm making a lot more progress in doing things that will aid me positively.
  8. Adderall speeds me up and makes me able to focus on whatever I am doing. It makes my head tingle which I love. It gives me a great euphoric feeling. Vyvanse is more like a "calm" speed to me. It doesn't really make me euphoric. I guess it effects everyone differently though.

  9. I feel quite speedy right now, not too calm, but I haven't taken adderal in awhile so I'm not sure how it compares to it. I'm liking it so far though.
  10. You probably didn't take enough. It essentially is converted into the same drug.

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