Vow Of Sobriety...

Discussion in 'General' started by SuicidalSpaz, Sep 23, 2007.

  1. Hey guys, Spaz here. Well, In 2 weeks, I'll be leaving for bootcamp. I have court on wednesday, and I hope to get it all fixed up.

    So, since friday, I've been sober. I did my last lines of blow, and called it quits. Things are looking up. I've got a beautiful girl in my life, whom I love to death. And I have an amazing career opportunity ahead of me. I'm bored with sobriety, but things aren't too bad. And, It's only for a week.

    I miss the nights at Greg's house... In his back yard, fenced in, chillin on the patio. We'd hit the bowl, pass it around countless times. We'd smoke so much, we'd get reduced to grunts and giggles. Sitting there, laughing about anything...

    I miss the nights with my best homie Justin. Chillin in the backyard, under a gazebo. Good times.

    I miss the feeling most of all. I felt free, like everything was right. I've had a tough time dealing with the sober me. I hate myself for who I was, and who I was becoming. sobriety and this perfect girl saved me.

    Just my little rant. I'll still be here until I leave, but I will no longer be mind-altered. For my still-smoking blades: Toke on, and take a couple hits for me.
  2. I feel ya man I've been sober for a little while now to but for way different reasons. Ya i miss the good times hanging with the friends, and getting high and having a good time to.
  3. Sobriety ain't bad, it just takes awhile to fill the niche with a hobby or interest.
  4. Sobriety blows.

    I dont know how to relax without beer/weed.

    Ill work all damn day/night, Come home at midnight and if im sober i jus want to do more until i sleep and do it again tommrow and thas lame. Do the damn thang, Make ya money, And have some self time to do ya own thang.
  5. That's what I try to avoid, because I've been there - it feels like such a crutch to me. I hate to be dependent on anything/anyone.

    Not trying to rag on you, KSR, but my own perspective.
  6. replacing drugs with joining the us army, imho (and not trying to flame) there are much better things you could be doing with your time. I only feel this way toward this war with no justification nor reason, and now seeing after Blackwater banned from Iraq, but still havent left and what they have done to that country..... gah, it's just pointless. Inform yourself by watching the documentary "Iraq for Sale" and the ammount of money that is being made off this war on terror (War IS terror)
  7. Yeah, but for one:

    I'm joining the airforce. There's a big difference, and it annoys me when people say army. Sorry, little pet peeve type thing.


    I don't agree with the war either, oh well....

    This is a career opportunity not many have. I can't wait.
  8. yeah it sucks but once u adjust its not nearly as bad...u will always remember the good times (most of them atleast hahaha) but sometimes u just gotta move on...cant live int he past man
  9. I havnt been high since September 1st. Its great to have my memory back again. I also wont be high untill I finish my schooling in 3 years.

  10. That link was utter bullshit, but thanks for providing an alternate view on things...

    They took MUCH of the fine print, and twisted a lot of it around. But, I went down to the park to ball ( too fucking hot with that sun+ wearing black), and had a lot more energy than normal. I will always remember the good times...

    Me: Dude, we need white castle now."

    My homie: Yeh dude, lets go...

    2 days later....

    Me: Why does that sign say "Welcome to georgia...?"
    Homie: Uh oh... I think we missed the turn for white castle...

    Haha, always good times...
  11. Lol i remeber u sai dsome shit about that, thats fuckign halrious, damn stoner times.
  12. Haha yeh, Im gonna miss those days, but It's allright. You stoned greens? You sound a little... Out of it? :D
  13. Good luck in everything you do bro. I have a rillo and a grinder full of bud sitting next to me, and I've been sober for 17 days. My court date is tomorrow but the sheet I have says I don't have to show up....Im prolly gonna stay sober for fear of the unknown.
  14. SHOW UP. Trust me from a similar situation showing up can save you hundreds in fines. Just showing up is usually enough for you to save money.
  15. Dude I have one of the finest lawyers in Bama (not to sound cocky or anything) but if he tells me I absolutely NEED to show up, I will, but he's appearing for me. It'll be a waste of my time to drive all the way from where I am, to there, only to find out I didn't have to. Also my parents will call me back tonight if they hear anything pertaining to my appearance.
  16. Fair enough. You probably know better than me. My experiences have been with public provided lawyers so you situation might be very different. Regardless, good luck.
  17. Good luck. I have my FINAL court on wednesday. Prosecutor wants to drop everything. But, he wanted to run it by the detective in charge. Oh, and pastrami is wonderful...
  18. two days ago i vowed to stay sober, until i can get my life on track. seems to be just sinking deeper and deeper. Im sure if i keep my head on straight ill be fine, but dam your lucky to have that girl help you thru it. All the best buddy

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