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  1. Hi everyone, i searched for vote and voting and democracy but didnt see anything on this...ive been reading the fiery debate over the neg rep issue and got to thinking about if it would be possible to vote in gc regarding some upcoming changes management is contemplating....

    if management is uncool with that, the format can be modified to resemble the shadow cabinet sort of thing where the vote would be on but not for real...only for statistical purposes like in the UK....

    i believe this would be beneficial not only for gc as a forum site, also for most of the individuals that live in it....
  2. Been here since '02, am happy with the choices SJ makes in regards to HIS site. Just glad that he keeps the CITY open for all of us.

    GC is not a democracy, It's the property of SJ.
    Don't need to vote:D
  3. I don't think it's good to give people a button for spreading negativity. That can't be what Al Gore had in mind when he invented the internet.
  4. Agree on gc being a property but;

    shadow cabinets are is voting...good for all parties involved imo...
  5. Forum administration is like a benevolent oligarchy. Popular opinion/support/dissent may be heard, but in the end it's up to the owners on what happens. A "shadow cabinet" really doesn't sound like anything different from what's already being done.
  6. um..a shadow cabinet is pretty much the reverse of the status quo.....anyway
  7. SJ does ask for input for new ideas from time to time, that was one of the reasons for the site upgrade:smoke::smoke:

    But he does exercise his right to run the CITY the way he chooses, as in no discussion of other drugs, or no chat rooms. These are some things the "majority" has asked for that SJ does not want to deal with.:smoke:
  8. oh ok..see, it is already being done on some scale then....ok, cool....:smoke:

  9. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ :)
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