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Vomitting When Smoking

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by EastCoastToke, May 20, 2010.

  1. I don't know why but recently if I smoke lets say a little as a bowl and than eat something I've been feeling very pukey. I noticed it more in the nights, story time.

    I smoke at 8:30pm almost every night, and usually eat around 10, and the high is worn off by 11:30pm, eyes are good, I'm good to go home. So I do, and it started out just waking up out of a dead sleep, basically springing my whole upper body up and feeling pukey and needing to drink something. Last night was the closest I came to actually puking as I tasted it in my mouth. Tonight though, I smoked at 11am, ate half dozen donuts and drank a latte at work, then 3pm I smoked another bowl and ate 2 slices of pizza. After some crazy sex, I threw up. First time ever from which I consider from smoking. I threw up around 5pm.. I think it was just because of the sex, as in moving around too much and going hard = rattling up my stomach?

    Maybe a dumb question but is there any way to prevent this. I am told that I eat a lot when I get high and it's not that that is a bad thing - but the way I eat is, I'm said to be a VERY FAST eatter and I chow down and just chain eat basically. Like a slob.

    Anyone else go through this or have an explanation?
  2. yeah dude it sounds very similar to me i almost gotta use caution when high (i know i know) but i just got diagnosed with a disorder also but i am also said to eat very very quickly and abnormal quantities such as yourself , just slow down and if you can eat less/healthier if you wanna consider those as options other than that go see a doc if it continues they know quite a lot and dont really care if you blaze
  3. I'd try changing your diet around a little bit. Doughnuts and pizza aren't exactly healthy. You might be getting some indigestion that's being exacerbated by the mild dizziness that can come with being high. Sounds like you might need to chew your food a bit better too.

    I wouldn't necessarily blame weed for this, but rather what you're eating and how you're eating it. Believe me, I know what it's like to be high with the munchies, so I'm not judging in the slightest, haha.
  4. the only time I've ever almost puked because of bud is when my mouth was so dry my gag reflex was trying to go off lol. I smoked a lot and had nothing with me to drink, so my body was in WTF mode for a couple minutes.
  5. Like a boss!

    Sorry I had to do it.

    A couple buddies of mine I smoke with both have puked several times after we've smoked and for them I think they had the same problem, it's always after eating. Try eating smaller portions and actually count out how many times you chew each mouthful, try to chew each mouthful of food between 15-20 times before swallowing. I know this sounds like a pain in the ass, especially when your high lol. But it actually works for suppressing appetite and might help you with your problem. I also am a fast eater although I've never thrown up after toking, but I don't really eat a whole lot either.
  6. it's kinda wierd cuz they say when you smoke and drink you're more likely to die from alcohol poisoning cuz the weed keeps you from throwing up and getting rid of dangerous amounts of alcohol....

    it probably works different with food, but it seems kinda wierd that it would make you throw up when you eat to much but not when you drink, although i know a good amount of people that smoke and drink and feel they need to throw up
  7. Oh man, the reverse is true for me. I enjoy toking up when I'm drunk, but if I've had a few too many (tokes or drinks), I'm praying to the porcelain god. Spins are no fun.
  8. I've puked twice in my life from smoking. One was from drinking before smoking and than throwing up Dominos. Come to think of it both times Dominos was involved. Fuck them.

    I was just unsure because the throw up feeling wouldn't come until after the high wore off. When I threw up last night, I was coming down.

    Weird, I'll try to slow my roll when I eat though.. it's just so hard to do when you smoke up at work and work at Dunkin' Donuts. It's like Junk food heaven.
  9. Lock your pantry if you can. That's what I did.

    And eat healthier! Eating super healthy when high is a great way to lose weight. Trust me, I'm doing it now!
  10. I threw up a bit after working out AFTER smoking. It doesn't normally happen to me but those cookies wanted out i guess.

    I was doing situps. I suppose there was too much pressure on my stomach and it just shot out. I didnt even expect it. But you say this is always happening to you? THat sucks. Idk what to say.
  11. Not always, only after I eat, then go to sleep I'll wake up feeling like I was gonna throw up but don't.. only one night I actually did puke.
  12. Just don't take a really huge fucking hit one night, cause i've thrown up from that before, trying to burn a bowl in one hit.

    Never again.

  13. OP your picture freaks me out!
  14. What?
  15. ive never puked from blazing. but a couple times ive gotten sorta nausous, but ive always been chill.

  16. your avatar freaked me out. but im sober now so it no longer freaks me out
  17. This is almost certainly a dietary issue not the smoking. You put half a dozen donuts and 2 slices of pizza in you and then got nauseous after you had "crazy sex". Would you eat the same shit before a workout? Try putting better food into your body and you shouldn't get sick.
  18. The only time I've ever booted after smoking weed was on a night that I drank a lot beforehand. After a few puffs from a blunt and many bong rips, I started tripping and had some crazy CEV's, then went to the bathroom and puked up all the beer I drank. I guess mixing alcohol and weed upset my body somehow. I was a new smoker at the time, so I'm not sure what happened exactly.

    Besides that I've never thrown up on a night I smoked weed. I have felt like I was going to after taking some chalky bong rips though.
  19. The only time I have ever thrown up while smoking was when I drank 4 large cups of horchata at a mexican place haha
  20. I will say though... I've come close to vomiting after a long night of smoking due to the crap I ate when I had the munchies. That's the worst.

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