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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by a muse, Sep 4, 2008.

  1. Yeah, most of us have seen or exprienced them.
    How many people get them regulary?
  2. Usually I puke when I swallow a really big hit, or have too much shit in my stomach, and swallow a hit:(
  3. weird never happened to me ever. i saw it for the first time today. my buddy took the biggest blunt hit a pucked up the cheese steak
  4. yeah well I usually smoke through bongs and every now and again i'll
    have some buckies but those buckies mess you up awesome. Sometimes
    turn out in vom coughs hahahahah
  5. Doesn't happen to me, I'll cough for an hour if I take far too big of a hit. Which almost ruins it, because the pain pisses me off so bad I can't enjoy the high. My older buddy however, his lungs aren't in as good as shape as a young whippersnapper like myself, so he vomits sometimes when he rips something like a bong too hard.
  6. Got them when I took a hit off my friends "Clifford the Big Red Bong", and boy it's a fuckin beast.
  7. Sometimes i make this weird burp. Its rlly loud and makes a vomit like sound. Its when i get a lot of gas in my stomach from when i smoke 2 much and start gulping air.
  8. Only when I take in way too big of a hit and try and hold it and not cough it out. Other than that most of the time i start a coughing and hiccuping. My friends find it funny... I just want to know why i am hiccuping..
  9. I overindulged with a bowl of bubblehash, and it was game over from there.

    Also, along time ago in the morning. I drank a glass of water, took a massive bong rip, and bam! I puked up that water along with an Lbow of phlegm.

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