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  1. I am proud to say that I grew up in the USA and that it is the best country in the world. I really don't think that there are many people out there that would disagree with me.

    However, as every reader of this site knows, there is a terrible injustice being done in this country.

    One of our government's long-time goals is the eradication of all things deemed evil by that entity and thus not good for the people. (This includes plants and people).

    Decades after the drug war's inception, at the end of the trail of cover-ups, propaganda and the imprisonment of hundreds of thousands of people guilty of no more than trying to get around an unjust system of thinking, I feel like the last year has brought about some serious steps backward.

    Like many other people on this site, I like to smoke pot. This is not for medicinal reasons, but purely recreational fun. I agree that many good things could come with legalisation (hemp paper production, reforestation of rainforests, etc.). I hate the means by which we have to get it. Growing your own is the best way to go, after all it is just a plant that we are talking about. I was talking with a long-time friend a couple of days ago...going on as we usually do about how good things must be over in god's country where it is legal and about how things could be here. He had an epiphany.

    Hell, if everyone on this site were just to throw out the seeds from their stash, just think of all the plants that we would have in just a few months! It would take a long time before government officials were able to chase down all the new sites of growth, and by then we could have been throwing out more seeds.

    It would also be nice if our friends in Amsterdam and BC could help us out by sending us some of their product that thrives especially well outdoors and breeds more rapidly than the average strain. (different strains which would be more suited to different climates, possibly?)

    This could be one hell of a statement, much like the Boston Tea Party of Revolutionary times.

    This is a plant, and cannot be eradicated...as long as there are people like us.

    I challenge everyone on this site to come up with methods for distribution, and remember that time is of the essence. It is the beginning of summer here, and if dropped on the ground now, plants could still go to seed before this season is over. This site is called OVERGROW, after all....let's OVERGROW IT!

    Just a few things that you have to remember:

    1. Littering is a fine, and will get you pulled over. (One of my buddy's ideas was to wrap up several bundles of ten or fifteen seeds in a paper wrap before going on a road trip. This paper should be the type that decomposes quickly, as the tissue that flowers from the florist are wrapped in....They are green too, so wouldn't be picked up by litter crews. I DO NOT CONDONE LITTERING. Just make sure that the material is not plastic or made of diapers and we should be safe here. Anyway, his idea is to throw these bundles out on the side of the highway, fields, overgrown lots....has to be an area that won't be mowed for quite a while, so get it past the mow line if you're on the intersate.)

    2. Seeds are illegal and are treated just like pot...sometimes more harshly, so don't do anything stupid while transporting them. (make sure all your lights are working, etc.)

    3. Sow them everywhere! The more broad of a area the plants are spread over, the less likely you are to be caught for cultivation and the more likely of a greater saturation when they do start to reproduce.

    Imagine the response from the media, government and the public. Plants just start popping up over the whole country...hemp plants, high-THC plants, sativa, indica, skunk and dirt. They would first have to find every patch that had popped up, then go out and eradicate every patch. Maybe during that eradication, that powerful smell might just overcome some of those out there doing the eradicating......maybe some of the product being eradicated might instead wind up in that officer's pocket. Maybe that officer would become a fellow smoker. Maybe that officer's name would be Ashcroft.

    The power is where it always has been, in the hands of the masses.
  2. Already a step ahead of you...

    We save all of our seeds and we pass this idea on to all of our smoking friends.

    We have one of those plastic containers in which you can now buy certain Frito-Lay products. We plan on adding some plant food/fertilizer and some wildflower seeds. I figure the wildflower seeds will help camoflage the "real" seeds and will also help hide the plants while they are still small and young.

    Our mission is to spread this mixture on any and all public property we can get to. City Parks, State parks, along highways, and near police stations... anywhere it will be visible to the public.

  3. I think there are a few questions that we should put to the governments.
    1. How many reefers do I have to smoke before I hit someone?
    2. How much do I have to smoke before I have a car accident?
    3. How many pipes must I have before I start to act like a drunken bum?
    4. How many bongs must I have before I am a danger to society?

    so I'd say put an end to alcohol before trying to stop the innocents!!
    Ahoy sista's and bro's
    P.s: spread the seeds of love!!!!

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