Discussion in 'General' started by Digit, Aug 29, 2003.

  1. who or what are VOLS
  2. an animal similar to a mole a believe...

    possibly some college team if i remember correctly??
  3. Tennessee Volunteers!!!

    University of Tennessee!!! WOO HOO!!!
    GO VOLS!!!!!!
  4. hey! those volunteers are a nasty bunch!!

    tons of work and no pay, they can get worked up!!

    and when they do, they just might put up a sign up sheet on the school bulliten board looking for people to assist them in an ass kicking, without pay of course.
  5. hey!!

    stop sniffin up all my testosterone! save some for the ladies too ;)

  6. "that smell... that masculine smell............ smells like... Victory. ... Some day this war's gonna end. :( "

    ;) :D

  7. the vols suck im gunna stick with ohio state

  8. GO VOLS!!!!! w00t!!!!
    Football starts tomorrow and I gots my tickets!!!!! Shitty seats, but they were free as always. Mebbe next game I'll get some D or E section tickets.

    It may not be an intimidating name, but when other teams see 108,000 screaming orange wearing fans in the stands they tend to soil their pants and cry for mommy. Then the Vols come out with both hands raised in the air in victory. GO VOLS!!!!

    Son, I'm gonna ignore that this time, but if I hear anything like that coming from you again...let's just say it won't be pretty. My neighbor across the street flies an OSU flag in his bag yard and you should see some of the things we do.
  9. shit you should see some of the things we do to michigan up here
  10. vols suck. football sucks. whether american or international. sux sux sux. :D

    d'ya need anymore taunting wang? teehee.

    .... oh shit... just realised... i'm not only andgering wang, but also rumjil...

    *runs & hides*
  11. Wang and I both bleed orange, Digit! Are you sure you want to go there?


    No matter how our team does, we're die hard VOLS fans. I've never seen anything like what we have going on here. The loyality is never ending!!!
  12. We didn't do great last year, but after every game I had no voice left. Rumjil knows what it's like to be a Vols fan. Nothing will stop us, not even a bad season.

    Hey Rummy, they put a whole great big extra thing in the Daily Beacon today about the football team. From what everyone on the team is saying, they are ashamed about last year and have a whole new attitude. I can't wait to see them cream Fresno State. We gotta get rallied up for Florida in a few weeks.
  13. forgive me... i've been drinking.
  14. Fresno State ok you might win but Florida you guys dont have a chance in hell florida is gunna cream vols!
  15. Kick ass!!! I need to read that!

    I'm going to be one fucked up chick tomorrow. Opening game...it's going to be awesome!

    Are you going to the Swamp for the Florida game? I have a friend who's trying to get me to come down there for it but I haven't decided yet. I'm not all that happy about us playing there but hopefully we'll do good.
  16. I'd like to go, but I think it's like $50 for a ticket and then I'd have to pay for gas and a place to stay.

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