Volksgarden Rotating Garden Problems

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    I recently bought a volksgarden and I seem to be having some problems with the plants actually starting to grow. They seem to be stunted or at least severely stressed and I cannot figure out why. I have two strains in there and I wanted to start off small so I only have about 25 plants in it. It can hold up to 80.
    The plants are Grape God and Blue Dream. I have had a lot of success growing these strains in DWC but so far they are not growing as fast as I would like them to.
    First of all I am only watering them once every 2 days. They are so small and the Grodan Grow cubes hold so much water I have concluded that they must be overwatered. The leaves are yellow and not the deep green that I would like to see.
    Those bags you see are mushroom CO2 bags. I still wanna find a way to hang them over the unit. Also the light is 600W MH.
    What could the problem be? Should I start spacing out my watering even more?
    The PH is at 6.0
    PPM is at 371
    IMG_20130523_175858_822.jpg IMG_20130523_175758_429.jpg IMG_20130523_175807_566.jpg IMG_20130523_175827_530.jpg IMG_20130523_175834_488.jpg


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