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  1. Does anyone own a volcano vaporizer? Can you tell me how well it hits. Im thinkin of gettin one. Either that or a ROOR bong.What do you suggest?
  2. If you have the money I say go with volcano for 2 simple reasons.

    1. Volcano will pay itself off in the weed you save smoking from it.

    2. Your lungs wont get damaged.

    Volcano all the way!
  3. a volcano for sure. It hits like no other, the taste you get is purely the taste of the plant material only, tastes so good. It will get you high with far less weed, and in my opinion, it is a better high. It also does not produce any known harmful effects. I just loved seeing a clear bag turn to a bag of vapped thc goodness.:hello: oh yeah, it will also not break if you drop it, i cant see a bag breaking if it falls onto cement...
  4. yeah, in the long run you will save a LOT of money, cause you dont need as much to get a buzz.
  5. I recently purchased a hotbox vaporizer (www.hotboxvapors.com) and it's the best investment. Bowls last so much longer, the high is undescribable, nothing like out of anything else. And of course you get a good clean hit. It will never break either as long as you got it chllin on a table or somethin. Check it out... I personally like it better than the volcano. Oh yeah not to mention it has only one temp that is perfect so it doesn't burn the weed. Just right
  6. Hey Moto I was just wonderin how much that cost you because a buddy of mine got almost the same thing except its wooden and has a knob for heat lvls. It cost him 200$ canadian.
  7. I own a Volcano. It's hands down the best vaporizer ever. I haven't smoked in weeks. It's easy to use and the bag detaches from the unit so when you're toking there's no worry about getting burned. If you have the money do it!
  8. its not bad if you dont mind a burnt popcorn herb smell. or smoking out of a bag, but you get pretty high, but 500 bucks? i duno its a lot of maintence, but fun to use. lol

  9. It cost me $170 usd. Less than half the price of the volcano. I bought the rasta style in the tile section. What I like is I can have it chillin in my room and my parents have no idea what it is. I just make sure to hide the tube that has resin in it. Oh I also forgot to mention is it's hands free. You don't need to hold it up to the heat. If you are interested in ordering one you can do it directly from their web site.

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