Volcano kief question

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Jamie Peach, Oct 2, 2010.

  1. Don't know where to ask this but I've been saving up all my kief for the past while since I got a Volcano and am planning on doing something with it in the winter.
    Anyone know if its better to press it or to use it loose in the volcano if I wanna vape just that? It would make sense to me that you'd get more vapour from the kief than if you pressed it tight into hash or whatever. Seems like heat could get to more matter area if it was loose.??

    btw Milk 2Go is fuckin good
  2. I personally just sandwich it in between some bud with my volcano, but my preferred way to use my kief is just a good old fashioned half bud half kief blunt

  3. that just got me hard
  4. I have vaped just straight kief in my Volcano and it taste fucking amazing, if you roll it in a blunt its quite nice to but it burns really fast so be careful on that.
  5. Just this past weekend, took some kief I had of some realy dank high qaulity bud, and then put it on the bottom, i squeezed the kief jsut a little bit, so some of it mashed together, but jsut enough to hold together, but not too much so it would break apart from the heat. Then put bud on top of that and enjoyed. I would think that for volcano's and kief, lower temps would be good and such, but if you crank it up to the higher 6.5+ it'll be a really good hit.

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