voice change on lsd ?

Discussion in 'General' started by CHRONIKKKK, Aug 17, 2008.

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  1. everytime i do acid i talk difrently ... why is this .. other people hear me diffrently?
  2. um when im on acid i have shit vocabulary cause my mind is wondering like crazy.
    plus i can barley get a sentence out without changing the topic.

    is this what you talking about?? oh and this belong is pandoras box cause it relates to a substances besides marijuana.
  3. same shit happens to me on boomers. i'll let ya know how acid affects it when i get the chance:D:smoking:
  4. my voice changes a little, i waver a little more, and there is this general calmness. unless i try to talk during the peak then i sound like i'm pronouncing:

    asdfipn iounvli fnvoijv adfien xcvbjoi
  5. Take a vid next time you trip and watch it when your sober and decide if your voice changes.
  6. when i'm on acid my mind jumps around so much that i'll forget what i'm talking about after a few sentences, and forget midsentence, its real annoying, makes me feel stupid as hell
  7. Maby your just hearing yourself talk for the first time, lots of people don't even know what there own voice sounds like tell they hear a recording of it.
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