Vodka Mac n Cheese?

Discussion in 'General' started by nyquilmmm, Jan 10, 2013.

  1. That sounds revolting
  2. Sounds disgusting. Idk man,the alcohol would probably evaporate.
  3. Sounds drunktastic to me...give it a shot and let us know how it is.

    Considering how flammable alcohol is though, I'd be very careful. :laughing:
  4. I wish I didn't click this thread. Now buffalo chicken mac n cheese... hell fuckin yeah!
  5. i don't understand why you can't make normal mac n cheese and just take shots like a regular american.
  6. ..or bottles like a regular russian

  7. now we are talkin
  8. Boiling ethanol?
  9. idk but I really want some mac n cheese now with like some cut up hotdogs or somethin XD
  10. Challenge accepted

    First a bladder check up... yikes!
  11. Dying from overdose of Mac and chesse lol


  12. Mac and cheese + hot dogs.....fuck me sideways I'd kill for a bowl of that right now
  13. mac and cheese boiled in louisiana hot sauce.
  14. Fuck you guys now I'm hungry.
  15. Same here. Toaster strudel and cheap cognac is doing the job.

    Im still curious about boiling vodka.
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    alcohol fumes can kill you....don't do that

    one spark and....
  17. Microwave burritos spicy

  18. Is this how fat and lazy we Americans have become? We can't even use enough energy to pick up a bottle and get wasted the good old fashioned way? We gotta mix that shit in with our food?

    Just playing.

    Seriously though, scrap that idea and never circle back to it. Just don't.
  19. This seems like a good thread to tell this story....:

    I was at a party and these kids thought they were all badass and what not for using vodka as bong water, I was telling them how it was dangerous to do that and they were calling me a pussy and all that good stuff.

    30 minutes later I hear a bunch of commotion outside, yelling, running etc.. walk out to see this dude who caught his hand on fire when he was trying to light the bong. Did I feel an ounce of remorse for this dude? Not a chance..

    Served them right. :laughing:
  20. Anyone ever do this?: Put bacon bits in your Kraft mac and cheese? It's the tits!

    (Imagine a red-headed 1950's kid with extra enthusiasm saying that - "Gee wiz, Mah! It's the tits!")

    But it is. Those who have been there know what I mean. That shit is bang bang, son.

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