Vodka Bong No. 2 with some instructions

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    Alright, as promised, my last Bong Vodka bottle is slightly dirty after daily use and daily clean, so I decided to make a 2nd one, and then realized that it was not a good idea cause now, my Bong Vodka is not as cool when placed beside my new pink bong :mad:

    The DIY is kinda barebone, number 1, it's DIY, number 2, it's DIY on glass, if you need spoon feeding for DIY glass, then you are not ready for DIY glass :smoke:


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    first of, this diy is rather simple, it skips or looks over some steps because it's a DIY, you are supposed to know what you are doing when it's DIY, even more so when it's glass

    Rotary Tool *note - key difference between a rotary cutting tool vs a drill, rotary tool uses it's high rotation speed to cut, so if you can afford a better quality (which is also more expensive) the easier job you will have with cutting class.

    the standard "dremel" diamond tip set works.

    various sized grinding stones

    steps summarized...

    diamond tips to start a larger guide hole

    grinding stone to enlarge the hole.

    as you enlarge the hole, u use a different grinding stone

    other stuff you will need, any self contained container filled with enough water to cover the designated area to be drilled. *reason, you are grinding glass.

    rubber gromets, down pipe, bowl and all the other stuff u see necessary

    picture contains all the tools that i use, starting from the 1st diamond tip from the left of image

    2nd image is just for fun, that's me using the grinding stone to enlarge the hole


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    so tap your pilot, this time i tried enlarging the pilot before i punched through the hole, that way, my guide hole is easier to cut.


    so after i made a big enough pilot, i punch through the hole


    that's the 1st hard part, hand drawing will exaggerate the difference between just drilling straight through vs enlarging the pilot hole before punching through.

    just a personal preference, but i found that if I enlarge first, it's easier for the grinding stone to sit right easier


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    after that, it's just about grinding and enlarging the hole


    the water turns milky, so remember to change it out twice or more times.


    rinse and repeat and for my case, when i enlarge the hole right to the edge where the lip is, the rubber grommet and down stem will fit, but i check every so often once the hole is big enough.

    finally, looking down the cap with the sticker/airtight seal removed, create a hole that will sit perfectly over the mouth of the glass.
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    no sexy milk shot tonight, my buddy's gf just worked 12 hrs since it's mothers day today.


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    just a regular milk shot but in the other thread, I have 1 more of her ;p
  6. first, nice. good to see a detailed guide up for this.

    second, you son of a b-! :D i just was about finished creating my first glass vase piece, just need to get the GonG downstem affixed in there to finalize now, and i took pics of the thing start to finish to create a nice guide since i also saw none that really seemed great. beat me to it, lol
  7. i won't say that this is a detailed guide, lol, it's just some random pictures that me and my buddy snapped while we were :smoke: and making the bong :hello: and previously, some people asked me to post a guide of sorts

  8. true, i guess it just gives more necessary/useful tips, and pics than others did. either way, it all helps. i like that this was written being done on a bong vodka bottle :D
  9. This was my first bong :)

    I picked up the bong vodka several weeks ago and drilled it out. Although I drilled it in the sink and had cold water running over it as well as the bottle filled with water. Also, I used this drill bit instead (BRUTUS 5/16 in. Diamond Drill Bit - 10556 at The Home Depot)

    You can't really tell from the link, but it is a hollow circle and looks like this: O
    when viewed from the front. It is diamond tipped circle and the end result is a perfect circle shaped hole with the only thing left to do is sand down the edges so it isn't as wicked sharp.

    The only problem I have is I don't have a down stem so I just use a slide with enough water to cover the bottom of it and that way there is no need for any rubber gromet or sealant of any sort and I can say I have a Glass on Glass piece :smoke:
  10. link a pic :) i wanna see :D

    your choice of bit would help greatly when doing the hole enlarging, IMO, not that suitable for the initial punch.


  11. Pic of my bong?

    And see that is exactly what I thought, but it just punched right on through and there was no need for additional enlarging because I bought the bit that was a touch larger than the slide was wide.
  12. glaS(low)S(teady) :hello:

    yeah, or is it out of commission :(

  13. I will get one up tomorrow and maybe a milk in a couple weeks when this t-break is over.
  14. Will be making another one, also picked up some new photo gear, so will have better than phone pictures to post.
  15. are you making a GonG vodka bong?:confused:
  16. no, this is more like a how to tap the glass and grind open the hole to fit a rubber gromet for a downpipe and a bowl,


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