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Vodka as bong water?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by kjkjogoug, Jan 6, 2013.

  1. If I used vodka as my bong water, how Many bowls would I have to rip to get drinkable bong water that gets you high? I will not be drinking this disgusting bong water but my friend said he'll chug all my bong water in one shot if it gets him high. He's giving me a gram if he can't do it. Would it take really long to make this bong water or can we rip a couple bowls and use that. I know you can make tintures but thats not what I' asking about.

    Sorry about bad grammar, i'm on my phone.
  2. Okay lets think this through.

    Vodka is alcohol
    Alcohol is flammable
    You smoke with flame (or another heating source)
    Flame is sucked through downtem
    Vodka gets splashed in downstem from bubbling
    Flame ignites vodka
    Bong blows up in hands.

    I think ill stick to water and vodka on the side...and why would you want to drink that nasty ass shit
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  3. no no no no no no no, and FUCK NO.

    From personal experience, I put vodka into my bong and when we ripped it, it was on the level of putrid.

    if he can't do it, he's gonna owe you a gram, but you're gonna owe him your life because you got him fking killed drinking bong water from vodka
  4. Don't think it will catch on fire. I do think it will be extremely disgusting and you will find it to be a waste of vodka.
  5. Killed from drinking it? No.

    Killed from exploding it? Not likely but more likely than being killed by drinking it.

    Harmless smoke + semi-harmless liquid (for the purpose of the experiment) = deadly solution? Not likely. Unless there was some chemical reaction in the smoke with the alcohol, which again, I'm pretty sure doesn't happen. I could be wrong though.

    Regardless, it's a waste of bud and alcohol. The alcohol will be disgusting as fuck and the bud is being made less potent by the goodies getting absorbed in the alcohol.
  6. Don't worry brah. You bong isn't going to blow up if you use vodka. You won't get high no matter how much I smoke and it may make ur bong a wittle sticky icky
  7. This is gonna be gross and a waste. But if you really wanna I guess you can...but there are probably better ways to get a gram.
  8. Alcohol is highly flammable. Light a shot glass with vodka in it ..itll burn off all the ethanol. But then u put 4 or 5 shots worth in a bong and create suction with flame. Chances are itll ignite and burn off gaseous and poisinous fumes of ethanol and then deeply inhaled into your lungs. Or worse case scenario it actuall blow up(depending on volume air pressure etc) all so you get a free gram from your friend after he pukes his last 3 meals up.:confused::confused:. Like I said earlier. Id rather have the bong with water and the vodka in my cup:smoking:

  9. Alcohol itself isn't exactly flamable, alcohol vapor is. Although normally vodka in a shot glass (40% Alc) would not catch fire as it is not of a high enough concentration.
    I also can not imagine that because you are sucking air through a concentration of 40% ethanol it would make it anymore flammable - thus shit aint going to explode.

    I cannot comment if thc & cbd gets absorbed into an alcohol when it is transferred through it in the form of smoke. Although it does have a far higher chance of working than 'getting high' off of drinking bong water.
    Bong alcohol would work well if the chemicals are absorbed when the smoke is transferred through although I do not know if this would work. This is as thc & cbd are not absorbed well simply in water, however alcohols and soluble fats are far better.
  10. waste of alcohol
  11. This is disgusting lol

  12. I kinda hyperboled taht. It's coz Ive done this before, it was stupid, and now I am saying just don't do it beecause its so so stupid. Unless this guy really wants to see his friend suffer just so he can get a g
  13. That's nasty. It won't add to the high. It will just make the vodka nasty. Smoke the weed and do a shot. Repeat as needed.
  14. Tell him it takes a few bowls to get thc in the alcohol, just to see him drink it. Idk if there's any truth to that and I highly doubt it
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    I drank bong water once. It was so bad I couldn't actually swallow it and spat it all over my car. The amount I did swallow did get me a little high though. Not worth it though unless you are super desperate. And i forgot another time I swallowed it cause i was high as shit, and my friend bet me first hit rights to every bowl next sesh, but there was even more ash and shit in it than the first time and i actually vomited, that was after like 5 bowls.
  16. I feel like this wouldn't be as gross if a vapor bong was used. I wouldn't wan to try it with smoke though.
  17. THC is not soluble in water, how could something that isn't soluble in water have any effect?
  18. It is slightly soluble
  19. I don't want to be a thread hijacker, but i made an account just so i can ask one damn question about something i just picked up (its some kind of a wax but its weird) and i cant make a thread about it. what the hell do i have to do
  20. Some sections you have to have 10+ posts to make a thread because spambots were making new threads with no posts. Post a few times and try again :smoke:

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