Vitamins & supplements you take and why? EDUMACATE ME *****.

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  1. NOxplode preworkout- gets my heart rate up in the gym (only taken before lifting, not cardio)---and has creatine
    dymatize elite protein blend- to supplement my already high protein diet
    multivitamin- its cheap why not

    spirulina- a complete amino acid profile if I remember correctly

    fish oil- healthy fats for heart health, also supposed to be good for mood

    Ive taken fat burners before....but that's kind of complicated

    rasberry ketones for thermogenic fat loss

    flax seed to supplement the fiber in my diet since I don''t get many carbs

    I obviously don't take them all every day, but that's what I have.
  2. Fish Oil for brain health
    Cinnamon to regulate sugar
    Vitamin C for immune system.
  3. I take quite a few due to medical reasons but the good ones are flaxseed oil for your omegas and vitamin c&e gels..everyone should also take a low dose aspirin per day

  4. why is taking a small dose of aspirin beneficial?
  5. Well it's said to reduce chances of cancer but I was just reading it can cause gastrointestinal bleeding so if might not be good or everyone..It also thins your blood so your heart can pump easier which is why I have to take it for medical reasons so it's more important to me than someone with nothing wrong
  6. Multi-vitamin for basic maintanace

    cold press hemp oil for 0mgea 3-6 and sum veggie protein

    vitamin c cuz i luv to smoke and cell strength

    b-vitiamins to turn my pee yellow -

    i also juice and try to only eat organic produce and limeted meats

    i also weight train and do heavy bag work for cardio and sum martial arts

    i used to take the no xplode n jack 3d etc..... But since im 40 and have fam i no longer care for "bigness" but more for general maintanence
  7. Fish oil for general bodily quality and joint lubrication
    L-Arginine for rock-hard boners and more energy during workouts
    Saw palmetto for prostate health
    5-HTP for seratonin/fun with vivid dreams
    Lots of phytonutrients and micronutrients from my daily kale shakes for overall maintenance of this bodily machine I'm operating. Feels good man.
  8. glucosamine HCI 1500mg
    chondroitin sulfate 1200mg
    for my joints/connective tissue. twice a day. pills are like the size of my thumb.

    salmon oil twice a day for the omegas

    methylsulfonylmethane twice a day for my joints/bones and shit

    vitamin E 400iu twice a day for my heart health and some skin benefits.

    my one daily multi for shits and giggles

    sublingual b12 once a day for energy, boosted metabolism and nervous system health

    biotin 5000mcg once a day for meh hair skin and nail health

    gamma aminobutyric acid (GABA) once a day for stress levels and keeping my muscles cool and shit

    and digestive enzymes up to 3 times a day to help out with digestion and the absorption of the good things in the foods I eat.
  9. Why would you want your pee to be yellow?
  10. Filler free vegetarian multivitamin- vitamins synthesized from veggies and fruits without fillers

    Egg Protien Powder: complete amino profile, easy on my stomach, I eat some fiber everytime I drink a shake just to make sure it all gets absorbed properly and makes it a bit easier on my digestion (I'm pretty sure I have a whey intolerance, so no whey powder)

    Fish Oil: omegas for hearth, brain, eye, and overall well being

    That's all. I'm keeping it super natural. I also always eat 1 or 2 bananas a day and drink a shit ton of water.
  11. A Clove of garlic.
  12. can someone elaborate on this?
  13. Aniracetam
    Mucuna Pruriens
    Fish Oil
    Organ Shield
    & some herbs, & great food

    I like to fuck around with Supps a lot, and the power of nootropics! Izz naiiice
  14. Whey Protein Isolate- post workout shake
    Jack3d or Extreme Nitric Stack- pre workout
    Milk Thistle extract- liver nourishment
    Saw Palmetto- prostate health
    N Acetyl Cistine- immune function
    Hawthorn Berry- liver
    Coenzyme Q10- heart health
    Zinc Magnesium Aspartate- restful sleep/ hormone health
  15. Multivitamin (I use Orange Triad)
    Fish oil
    Acetyl-l-carnitine- brain health, focus
    DMAE- focus, lowers the amount of sleep you need
    L-theanine/GABA/Valerian mixture (my own) for sleep
    Shroomtech Sport before BJJ class
    Jack3d or C4 Extreme before lifting

  16. Hey hey! I hope you're using Rogan's 10% off code! LOL

    I was kinda wanting to try one of their products but I really hate that price...

  17. Haha of course I am!

    I can definitely vouch for Shroomtech Sport. It's fucking amazing.

    Alpha Brain is a load of shit, though, purely because of the cost. You can buy all the nootropics in Alpha Brain, in bulk, for less than a bottle costs.
  18. Animal Pak (twice a day, it's 11 pills.)
    Animal Cuts (twice a day)
    Muscle Milk light (protein shakes with meals)
    Muscle Milk reg (cookies n creme or strawberries n creme, taken pre and post workout)
    Bodytech 100% Casein (taken at bedtime to reduce muscle fasting)

    And of course food is the only thing that will make you grow!

    This is my general summer stack cycling with fat burners and a clean diet (even when I get the munchies I eat a lot of healthy food.)

    In the winter I still have cheat meals but I time them into my schedule.

  19. Yea I know, I always buy mine seperately in bulk usually.. I shall give that ShroomTech a try then, soon!

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