Vitamin C?

Discussion in 'General' started by Jiggy, May 14, 2004.

  1. I've heard rumours that Vitamin C or OJ or Sunny d or stuff can make you have a bomb ass high. Like smoking a bubbler with OJ in it will help. They say that the Vitamin C makes the high better/longer. Anyone have any experience with this? Ima try it myself.. but Im just wondering whta other ppl think of it. *Bling*
  2. I've never thought about using a bong with something other than water. Anyone try it?
  3. Not a bong.. thats nasty. A bubbler. Something small.
  4. Its not got any thing to do with Vitamin C.

    Its the citric acids and sweeteners that make it better. They make it smoother so you take better hits. Also I have used Ice Cold Vodka, and Ice Cold Everclear in mine. Makes for some stellar hits.
  5. never use alcohol.

    thc = alcohol soluble

    soooo.. weed + bong with alcohol = less thc is yo smoke = bad idea

    hope youre taking notes.
  6. Haha alcohol with the smoke is bed, I knew that. Drink THEN smoke. That fucks you up hardcore. Drinking after smoking brings you down.

    But people have said that If you take Vitamin C pills. Does that still have the acid stuffs in it?
  7. I have no proof, but it really should be common sense that taking a vitamin C pill wouldn't help fuck you up anymore. If I'm wrong though.. guess I'll get my proper amount of vitamins everyday from now on.
  8. vitamin c supposedly boosts shroom or acid trips....
    ive had a tall glass every time ive eaten shrooms and i couldnt tell ya if it affects it or not, it tastes good though
    juice is nice in a bong but it doesnt get you any higher.... more thc makes you higher (duhh)

  9. i used fresh orange juice very good taste and fresh scent it made me very high (not sure if higer tho :) )
  10. i might be wrong buuuut.....ive heard orange juice takes away from your buzzzzz
    but it tastes soooo good...
    and never ever in a
  11. i disagree.... water is tried and true but any kind of flavored drink or non alcoholic beverage makes the smoke taste really nice

  12. Yeah, from what I've heard Vitamin C is supposed to increase your trip. I usually eat mushrooms and wash em down with orange juice, because I like the taste. I've also had vitamin C pills while tripping.

    Did it affect my trip? How am I supposed to know, I was tripping. :D

  13. ^^^ he has an excellent point :p
  14. Shit yeah.
  15. ok, to whoever said "it's not the vitamin C, it's citric Acid", Vitamin C IS citric Acid.

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