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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Blunt Ashez, Sep 23, 2011.

  1. Anyone experienced any crazy visuals? Not the sharper vision/more colorful, but like some crazy visuals.
  2. No crazy visuals on weed, although if you try any hallucinogens you can sometimes get them, mainly fractal patterns and "melting", ESPECIALLY when you close your eyes
  3. Closed Eye Visuals?


    Open Eye Visuals?

    I've gotten OEVs only a couple of times from cannabis. Even when I got them they were minor but still enjoyable. I do, however, get CEVs quite often after smoking a decent amount (around 1-2 grams to myself). My CEVs get pretty damn intense though. Like so intense they make music visualizers look like paint drying by comparison. :smoke:
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    Just wondering though. Everything being enhanced (hd), colors being more colorful and sharper is normal right?

    EDIT: Well I'm talking about open eye visuals but I had both. One funny and very trippy one was when my friend was laying on the grass and I get up and look at him from above (I'm standing by his head). And then his face flips upside down in a way o: His face looked like it would when you look at someone face to face. Just upside down.
  5. off mary jane no. im sure if you do salvia or shrooms you will. Anything psychedelic will give you visuals i believe.

  6. Lol it was nothing like the picture you showed me. Just some things become different, not your whole environment changes. I remember at another time, everything seemed like it was 2d objects in like different depths.
  7. Psychedelics won't make you hallucinate in the way people think (you wont see elves or something) but many deliriants do.

    Psychedelics make you see patterns mostly

    I agree that weed can mildly change your visual field, but i think its always happening and when you smoke weed its more prominant
  8. Yeah I know deliriants do. I was dead set on trying some out on one point -.- Glad I got over it.

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