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Visiting the dentist, very high

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Leighton Ward, May 14, 2011.

  1. Well I do everything high, and I mean everything, that I would do sober. So about 1 day after a 1 week T-Break I figured I'd smoke a bowl before the dentist. It was indica so i wasnt very functional. I I had to get a cavity between my teeth filled (from not flossing, I brush twice a day fyi). So i get to the dentist and when I sit in the chair there is this weird massaging thing in the chair and I hate those things. When the doctor came I had him turn it off. But anyways he just whips out a big ass shot and numbs like half off my face, and theres this weird techno-ish music playing in the background and it was weird as fuck. Then he proceeds to drill in my teeth and shit. Such a freaky place when your high. Haha. Not saying the dentists is fun sober either.

    Edit: I'm just waiting for the generic "cool story bro" post
  2. why didnt he gas you? didnt you want to be gassed?

    oh, just saw your edit. here u go.

  3. hahahahaha made me lawl hard

  4. yeah I definitely wanted to but they dont gas you for fillings apparently. :eek:
  5. I'll agree man, going to the dentist high is weird. It's one of the few high experiences I've had that I didn't enjoy. Normally the scraping and such on my teeth doesn't bother me, but when high it was unpleasant. No cavities though!

  6. I never had any cavities until just recently, idk how but whatever. And I know it's just a sketchy place to start off with. I could handle it if I was comfortably high but I was baked as fuck
  7. I've never been afraid of the dentist, they exist to improve your dental hygiene, I guess I just never understood how scary that is lol. It's not like it hurts to get a checkup, maybe that's because I've never had a cavity or any teeth problems at all. I always take care of my teeth so they don't have to put metal in my mouth.

  8. I've always thought about it like that too. It was never freaky until I just had to get a cavity filled. I take care of my teeth but I wasn't flossing enough so I got a cavity between my tooth. Guess I wasnt taking care of em too well
  9. Hey so I cracked my tooth and I need to go. My only problem is I hate going to the dentist... The sound of metal grinding on my teeth is not tolerable unless I'm gassed. So I was wondering if the weed would help with something like that. It's more in my head I'm sure but anything to make it bearable.
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    Maybe if you can get like a nice sativa with a real clear-headed high or I would say probably not. It just makes it such a creepy place imo

    Oh but I should add the actual dental work is better high, it's just being at the dentists that sucks
  11. Shit, I floss maybe once or twice a week if I even remember. I brush at least two times a day, I used to drink a shitload of pop, so I'm actually very surprised I have a healthy set of teeth.

    And yeah, I never understood why people were so scared to go get a checkup, it's not like they work there to torture you, they work there to help you.

    Having a drill in my mouth would make me a little nervous, but if they numbed it and I was high I wouldn't care.

    Weed will help, go there super high and you won't remember a thing. :D
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    That numbing stuff sucks! Half the time it doesn't kick in until the dentist is halfway done. But a couple weeks ago, I was getting my k9's worked on and the dentist numbed my lower lip. From my chin aaaaalllll the way up to my top lip, and my cheeks was completely numb. For the next 3 hours or so I slurred like a drunk. :eek:

  13. Same here, like half of my face was totally numb

  14. I got 4 teeth pulled, I gues they apparently don't gas for that eirther
  15. I went to the dentist for the second time ever a few weeks ago. I wish I went earlier(not because of my teeth, they're perfect). Only hot women work there, no males at all. And they all flirt with me nonstop. Shibby.

    And I thought they stopped using gas years ago? Isn't it all Novocaine now?
  16. #16 ibnhashish, May 17, 2011
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    Nice man. I wish my dental office I go to was like that. They still gas. I know that they also use lidocaine and novocaine local anesthetics
  17. I went to the dentist high for three ops. Completely forgot each time.
    All i can say is ...Worst...experience...EVER.

    He performed a root canal one time, removed a tooth another time, and the third time I just told him to jack me up with all the drugs he could because I couldnt stand another op so high. My fault I know.

    Fuck it was painful.
  18. Whatever you do dont smoke anything that makes you real paranoid before you go.... It wont turn out well...

  19. Wow a root canal would suck, i think that'd be painful as hell no matter what
  20. this thread makes me want to burn then get dental work done that involves gas. Especially If I could listen to music.....does that count as "other" drug discussion.

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