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Visine and contacts?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by WillAshland, Jun 5, 2006.

  1. I wear contacts and the contact lens visine/clear eyes doesn't do shit for high redness, but regular clear eyes or visine will get my eyes pearly usually. Can I use regular visine with my contacts in or will that make my eyes burn like hell? My contacts breathe pretty good.
  2. The visine for contacts is supposed to balance out the amount of salinity (salt and shit) between the eye and the contact. So I guess what you could do is use the regular shit first and if it starts to burn, use the contact Visine.

    I have contacts, too, and I just use the cheap brand (CVP). It all works well fer meh. peace
  3. yeah i would use the regular one unless ur eyes get irritated(sp) then use the contact solution.
  4. I wish my eyes turned red :(
  5. I have contacts to dont use regular visine with them in cause it dosent hurt your eye but it can fuck up your perscription or how ever it is spelled according to my eye doctor guy. But i always take mine out but do you ever notice after smoking your contacts stick to your eyeball a little bit or is that just me?
  6. its just the contact drying out, i used to use Rhoto and Visine A all the time with contacts, and sleep with them. Then it got infected and an cut on my eye from sleeping in them so id recommend not passing out with them.
  7. I have contacts and back in the day when I used to get red eye I'ld use visine and never had any problems with it . . . :smoke:
  8. i need to find something for my contacts because my eyes are dry.
  9. I use regular clear eyes and I wear daily contacts. If I put 2 or more drops, my eyes will burn for the rest of the day, but if I put in 1 it feels realllllyy good. Redness dissapears within the minute too.
  10. Well, you shouldnt need visine, if they ask why you're eyes are red, say you wear contacts..Always got me by..
  11. Dont use visine, total buzzkill. Say u got contacts or allergies and u'll be fine.

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