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Discussion in 'General' started by AlbinoRhino, Jun 15, 2006.

  1. What are some good virus protection programs or whatever? A buddy of mine just gave me a picture of us that he wanted to put on his myspace, but once I clicked it... my computer started really fucking up. I got all these unwanted ads, shit popping up every like 3 minutes, spam keeps trying to access the internet so a warning "grant permission" shit keeps coming up, etc.

    I deleted the file that contained the picture and it worked... sorta. I'm still getting the [above mentioned].

    I have, or atleast had, McAfree Security running but it shut down all of a sudden and freezes when I try to enable it.

    These thingy's that keep coming up are saying "Adware-DFC" or some shit. What the fuck is that?

    Can anyone help me?
  2. If it's spyware download Ad-aware AND Spy Bot Search and Destroy. Both are free downloads from

    If it's a virus you have, unload McAfee and go buy another copy. I've never used it, but my dad constantly raves about Black Ice or something like that. I've heard others say it's the shit
  3. ya, that wasnt ur buddy that gave u that "picture" it was a virus on his computer. Anyways, mcafree sucks ass download the following

    spybot search and destory
    adaware SE
    and HiJackThis

    do google searches on those and download them. Also system restore your computer by going to the start menu > all programs > Accessories > system tools > system restore. Restore it to the point before you got the virus.
  4. also, always check with the person on aim before you click any links. Also, download mozilla firefox if you dont already have it. internet explorer allows active x controls which is what the virus used to download and install their shit onto your computer. Firefox will make it so that if you click a link you can not get a virus unless you agree to download the file and then install it. - firefox - avast - adaware - spybot S&D
  5. I know him personally. But the file was something with a bunch of numbers in the beginning - etc etc or some shit.

    Thanks for the help though. I'ma download these now.
  6. if he sent it over aim, it wasnt him. There is a virus that gets on people aim screen names and sends itself to other people claiming its a picture or a file and says shit like "omg check this out!" or "you have to see this!" and when you click the link it downloads it onto your computer. the person doesnt send it to you their virus does, so you think your talking to someone you know personally, but that person has no idea your getting the link.
  7. Aww fuck... I guess that's what happened then.
  8. I just downloaded that. How does it work? like how can I run a virus scan or whatever? I'm clueless at this shit. I've looked everywhere on the thing and it says nothing on how to get rid of it/block it.
  9. firefox is an internet browser, right now im assuming you are using microsoft internet explorer. IE allows people to easily install viruses onto your computer without you even noticing. Instead of starting up internet explorer from now on when you wanna use the internet, start up firefox and use that
  10. Yeah I use IE if I'm not on AOL.
  11. yea so instead of using IE use firefox, ie blows :p
  12. Aight but yeah... I very seldom use IE. I'm mainly on AOL.
  13. aol is even worse :p They view you as retarded and so they try to make everything easier, but doing that they negliglect security completely. Plus u have to pay for it.

  14. He's not lying that is the shit, I had a trojan virus and htat was all that would get rid of that shit, ewido is off the chain at hunting down malware and the likes. JOE>
  15. It was on AOL when I was IMed with the "virus/file".

    Also, I haven't recieved any spam, pop-up, or unwanted ads in like the past 10-15 minutes... so atleast something's working for me.
  16. which virus scanner have u run so far?

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