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  1. Alright ladies of GC, if you'd be so kind, I'd like some advice.

    I've been going out with a girl for a few weeks now. I like her a lot, we get along great and hopefuly without sounding too crude, we're pretty hot for eachother. She is, however, a virgin. I've respected the fact that she doesn't want to rush into anything, and I'm letting her decide when the time is right. However, I'm pretty sure that time is gonna be soon, and to be honest I've never done it with a virgin. I'd like it to be a good experience for her, so I'd like to know, what are the things that you appreciated or would have wanted to be different on your first time?
  2. theres no real hypothetical answer to this question because everyone is different. I say when she gives you signs that she likes whatever you're doing, repeat. Also foreplay.
  3. hope you get some female respondent's.... i'd like to see what they got to say !!!!:cool:
  4. im not a woman but how old are you and how old is she ?
  5. i couldnt agree anymore 2 this

  6. Level 5 clinger!
  7. JUST THINKING THAT AS I READ IT!!! hahahahahaha Be careful man, when i first got with my girl, same situation hahaha she basically trold me we'd do it when she was comfortable......and appearently getting fingered for the first time hurt for her.....didn't realize it would be like that haha, ive heard the first time hurts her, no matter what..... And also the nipples/breast especially are sensitive for her, but i dunno if its just her, or most virgins, but the last one i was with liked the same thing..... Hopefully more female respondants will post, ive put as much as ive learned from talking to her..... Good luck!!
  8. go slow, make sure you heap on the foreplay.
  9. that shit is gonna be tight. move slow.
  10. that is a tough Q to A. it sounds like since ya care enough to ask us for tips hopefully ya are showing the same care when w/ her.

    all i can comfortably suggest is to make her feel special. forplay, caressing, massaging oils, mood lighting/candles, anything she is comfy with.

    my 1st i was too young, was not in love, was drunk, & it was pitch dark. needless to say i'd not recomend that.
  11. Make sure you ask her if she is really ready to do that, and if she is, go slow tae it easy, and one more thing: IF SHE SAYS STOP THEN YOU MUST STOP!

    oh and lube couldnt hurt either.And use a condom.
  12. heres my 2 cents with credit to my recent experiences.

    foreplay is a must. lots of locking of the lips and kissing around the face, ears and neck. caress her body with your hands as well. do all this all over a matter of time, depending on the mood and how much she likes it. then move down to her breasts/stomach(take some time here too) when the time is appropriate, then to the vagina. you might want to ask her if she wants "tongue lovin" there, but i highly doubt she will appreciate any fingers entering.

    For when it gets time to the action, you'll want to take this real slow. She's going to be in pain and any fast movements/jolts will hurt her a lot.

    Don't forget throughout this communication doesn't hurt much, and if she doesn't talk much during the process there's always body language. If you want to go beyond with candles or whatever that's up to you. Good luck.
  13. From girls ive spoken to, the first time isnt very enjoyable, you should tell her that, if she doesnt have sexually active friends. Do as much as you can to her that she will enjoy, because the penetration she wont. As others have said, foreplay is important. Its hard for guys to realize the differences in sexuality; the more you excite her and the wetter she gets, the less it will hurt. Lube would be a helpful addition as well. Also, the nipples are very important, they are alot more sexually senstive then guys (mine just tickle, but the ladies love theirs). Going down on her and making her cum through oral before you engage in intercourse is the best advice I could give you. Make the atmosphere as comfortable as you can too (as another memeber said), since the act wont be very much. Try to make it as enjoyable for her as possible so she wont remember it as a painful chore. If you dont do enough foreplay or are too rough she wont want to hop into the sack again soon. Finally, after its over or if she has you stop (in which case you need to stop, none of that "itll be over soon" or "oh please baby, i love you") lie with her for a while cuddling, stroke her hair, stroke her body and whisper sweet things to her. That's my advice, it may not be the best, but its the best I can offer.

    EDIT: Also, make sure you continue to kiss her throughout the experience, it will be more romantic for her and the pain wont have as much significance.
  14. Use lube and go slow. Her first time may set the mood for the rest of her sex life, so forget about you and make sure its ok for her. Put on her favorite music, put the lights low, light some candles and incense, etc. Just make her as comfortable as she can be.
  15. ''some'' of the females have spoken,,,, but those reply's were common,,,,

    the man needs some insight,, '' ladies'',,,,,,,,,,,,,:cool:
  16. like my man ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ set , this event will proably,, set the stage for her entire sex life...;)

    i'd proably turn this girl into a freak,,,, i'd introduce her ;;;;that night of all the tricks,,,,and proably lick her in spots,,, shed rather not talk about,!!!!!!

    what you gonna do??? be a good guy... or turn her into a freak,,'' for life''

    and remember,,, freaks have more fun,,, than straight girls !!!!!:hello:

  17. Everyone that's responded has already covered the basics I'd say. Lots of foreplay, the more wet she is the more comfortable it will be. Once in a while ask her if she's ok with whatever you're going to do next, I don't mean every minute but just make sure she's comfortable. I'd say maybe before you even have sex, maybe get used to fingering her. Use one finger at first, and get her used to having anything penetrating her. Then when she's comfortable with that, use two fingers. Even if you have to do this for a while, it will get her used to it. I don't think I really have to say this since you've showed consideration by even making this thread but, don't put too much pressure on the whole thing. I'm sure everyone can say from experience, losing your virginity isn't like how it is in the movies. Real sex vs. movie/tv sex is a lot different. Make sure you kiss her a lot while it's happening. Look into her eyes while you're doing it. Go slow. Use a condom, lube is a good idea as well. And if she says it hurts, either go slower or just stop. Just make her as comfortable as possible. And have fun. :)
  18. just go slow and not too deep and make sure she's wet, has she popped her cherry yet? I'd finger her first either way
  19. gotta say one thing about fingering. on occassion guys fingers can be very rough. many times ive prefered a thin dildo, a nice smooth one & ya can lube it up real good.

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