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  1. I was just thinking.... isn't every male NOT a virgin? I mean, when said male was being born, his penis rubbed on his mom's vag while exiting the womb, right?
  2. C'mon, really? You actually think of stuff like this?
  3. Thats some shit I could have gone with out reading...........but yeah.....
  4. God what the fuck
  5. I'm pretty sure that there is more to sex then a penis quickly rubbing up against a vagina.

    Or have you not learned that in school yet?
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    Now, there are people out there, who can help you with things like this...

    But, here isn't the place I'd go to decipher if you did or didn't boink your mother.
  7. smoke some more tree's and keep your mindfucks to your group
  8. So nobody wants to admit they lost their virginity to their mother?
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    Jeeeeesus Christ on a Ritz, with a slice of cheese and sip of wine.

    Was Daddy your second?
    EDIT: Do not answer that.

  10. Carlton I swear all you think about is sex.
  11. Nope, my Dad is dead, thanks...
  12. ....

    u were sitting in ur room jacking off
    and u were like fuck dude my dick was in my moms vag
    i lost my virginity!
    yay now those kids wont make fun of me
    and my mom is pretty sexy
    haha milf
    i need to make a thread about this

    - just saying ;D
  13. i really dont know what to say

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  14. I was born in a c-section.

  15. Carlton. Answer me this about your mother.
    How come she has some kind of radical facial plastic surgery and some kind of skin bleaching to make herself a lighter skin tone about around 1-3 years after your cousin Will moves in with you guys?
    My mom has decided to get a new "look" before, but what your mom did is outrages. Fuckin rich people...
  16. Hahaha you crazy motherfucker.
  17. Dude that sig sums up this thread well...
  18. This is one lame ass musing. but no, all males did not lose their virginity to their mom as they were being born. that's exactly why that process is just called being born. it's all a part of the birthing culture and the way it works.
  19. are you the same guy who got caught by his mother whacking off with a cut on his dick and there was blood everywhere?

  20. LMAO, was just about to post that.

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