Virgin Mobile or another carrier?

Discussion in 'General' started by Deriv, Mar 29, 2012.

  1. Right now, well three weeks ago, I had t-mobile but they were too expensive. Noticed that virgin mobile does 35$ a month for unlimited text/email/web and 300 minutes, which would be perfect for me.

    The only problem is I will have to buy a virgin mobile phone.

    I was thinking about the LG optimus V for 100$ off of amazon, but wasn't sure if it also served as a good music player because nobody mentions that aspect. If I get a new phone I want it to (for the most part) replace my ipod and my current piece of shit phone. I also hike a lot and wasn't sure if a 3.2 megapixel camera would cut it, the pictures don't have to be perfect but at least pretty good.

    Just wondering if this would be a good choice, was also eyeballin the Motorola Triumph for 219$ but I read they have light leaks and a lot of problems... :(

    Just could use some advice, haven't ever had an android/smartphone before and I sneak my ipod into work everyday when I could just get a pass on my phone and use that... And of course I will have to buy a 32 GB memory card. :p

    tl;dr Wondering if Virgin mobile is a reliable company without hidden fees and if so what phone would be the best choice to use with their service?
  2. Not sure about Virgin Mobile, but I would look into Straight Talk. $45/month unlimited everything and they also have a $30 plan. You can either buy one of their phones, they offer android phones and simple flip phones, or you can use any unlocked phone or At&t or T-mobile phone.

    I just got my Iphone 4 in the mail today and I'm gonna use it with Straight Talk's Sim card.

    I've had ST for almost 3 years and have only good things to say about them.
  3. Sounds like simple mobile where you get a sim to put in any phone. I thought about buying an Iphone 32gb unlocked from private sellers but I dont know if I want to spend 220+$...:confused:
  4. Never heard of Simple Mobile but yea you can buy your own Sim Card.

    I paid $300 for my Iphone I just got...It's an investment at first but if you think about this versus a contract, in 2 months you're saving money. Most cell phone companies cost 100/month for the very minimum plans if you have a smart phone.
  5. I would recomend strait talk as already stated or ATT go phone because you can have it set up with any ATT phone such as the iphone. Thats what ive used the go phone is also nice because there isnt any name or information connected with the phone number which is nice for buying drugs.
  6. I have Virgin Mary mobile, and the service is just devine!
  7. If you're going with virgin mobile, definitely get the Triumph.
  8. Damn I just almost bought the optimus v... :p

    Together with a good case, screen protector, 32 gb micro sd, and the phone its only 120$.

    It seems like this would be enough but shit, has anyone had it? Some first-hand info would be cool! :smoke:
  9. One of my friends uses Virgin Mobile. Her only complaint about the service is that texts lags sometimes. Her phone also has a tendency to malfunction (it's the full touchscreen, no keyboard), but I have a feeling that's not a VM issue.

  10. She has the optimus v?
  11. I don't know dude. But I doubt it's a problem with the carrier. I don't see what a carrier could do to fuck up a phone. I suspect it's a manufactorer problem.

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