Viparspectre 600w led geow light

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  1. Looking for some first hand insight from people that have used a Viparspectre 600w led grow light, and the successes that they had. Wondering what type of yields ill be looking at weather good or bad before i make the decision to purchase one. Itll be going in a 2x2x5.5' tent over 4 ladies. From what ive seen and read itll do very well, but like I said I would like some first hand insight from anyone that is currently using one or has for previous grows. Adding some pics of my setup currently as is. Plants are in mokoko coco and 2g fabric pots. Vegging 18/6 under a 24" t8 dual flourecent fixture. They are just over 9 weeks old. Since germinating all from seeds. I have 3 mendo breath and 1 blueberry. I have also started training the bigger one to get more tops for when i get my scrog net in. 1564169495273.jpg 20190719_142203.jpg

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  2. Have you considered Quantum Boards (QB's)? I personally haven't used them but read and hear nothing but great stuff about them. As of right this moment....if I needed to/was goin some new would be QB's for me
  3. its not great ive read they only draw 272 actual watts for 4 plants thats not going to cut it kronik is right its qbs or blurple i would not recommend the second option :)
  4. That Viparspectra 600w is only 260 watts to be exact - you will need at least two for 4 plants.
    Consider QB's.
  5. I have both a viper 600 for veg (was my only light for first plant) and now have a qb 260 xw for flower. One light doesn’t work great in my 4x4. Gonna run two qb’s side by side next grow for two photos. I have three autos under the qb and they just don’t fit in the light zone. Viper is a great veg light though and did three autos bushy as heck. If I were you I’d get two lights for your space and my limited experience would be for qb lights.

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  6. Viper runs hotter than my qb as well by about 5 degrees

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  7. My grow journal started with just a viparspectra 600 and ended with that and 4 QB 120's. I liked it but you can see a change in growth rate with the quantum boards. I have now retired my Vipar for QB's and will never turn back.
    image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg
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  8. Those QBs look killer. I definitely want to upgrade to those after a while. But im just getting into leds. And im wondering if the viparspectre will be ok for a harvest or 2.
  9. Absolutely it will. Just because it isn't the newest, hottest, or best thing out there doesn't mean it "won't work".

    I too am still using "blurples"......and yes I WANT some QBs....but I'm still happy with what my blurple produces
  10. Nice mounts and setup!
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    EDIT : if you already purchased the Vipar then ignore this:

    A single QB96 Elite V2 would do well I think in a 2x2.

    On sale for $99 at HLG. Comes with heatsink, thermal pad

    Gotta buy a driver.
    Maybe a HLG-185H-54. About $50-70 range

    Need some wires. Maybe a plug for the driver. Odds and ends. Guessing $250 max when all said and done.

    Drive it at about 120-150 W, (about 60-75% range) and throw 30+w/sq ft down on the plants. Maybe get a small clip on fan to point at it and actively cool it. Throw the driver outside the tent so it's not adding to the heat in there.

    Simply awesome lights. Crazy spectrum. I want a set of them pretty bad just blew the bank on panel sets lol!!

    I would go that way if I were you....but if on a budget tighter than that then you gotta do what you gotta do.
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  12. its difficult to find a good blurple without paying qbs prices infact if you want a blurple with 400-600w of (actual watts) your paying 280-340 for them yes you cant get blurples for less than a hundred but 100 watts or even 200 watts of blurple is not going to give you good yields. if your not buying qbs yet then get the cree cobs at least

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