VINTAGE STEREO/NUMEROUS COMPONENTS /“”stand—reassembly build..””

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  1. 15 components, is what I got in my stereo. Put together over the years. Some pieces I’ve cleaned up,others will be clean before going in.this will be a thread that progresses over time. I’m hoping to have it done quickly. I have no help, besides someone to hold a board while I level it..this is all me !!!!!

    The pieces

    . 46DB5534-6D9E-49F6-B47F-7238849CDCBF.jpeg B29524B0-3644-4024-9D79-EC1F087AAD5A.jpeg E91D2779-0A83-450C-B0CB-698111C527E1.jpeg A98320AE-139B-454D-9C46-84FD0580F23E.jpeg 096B0F9B-7C50-480F-B9AE-2925FF55090F.jpeg 254E6D8A-7419-4110-885C-FC6BA53ED6B9.jpeg E71F55A6-80B3-40F6-BE90-0A9B89CA7A79.jpeg F2C98F82-10F4-437B-A749-4632823BF881.jpeg 9ED8A977-77BC-4CF8-B967-9C0423838506.jpeg 57384C37-7BAC-4F3A-8165-255CC4537F4A.jpeg C6EB1EC9-26EE-4CC4-9C9B-CD2E9A422122.jpeg 35D2AC88-03FF-4765-8036-DF059843568C.jpeg B7A0133B-551D-49D9-A3F7-51F0120259DD.jpeg 1008011A-0161-4C8A-BDB4-588D02F7E7BF.jpeg 95DFA77D-A4C9-41DF-85F1-0D6887ED487B.jpeg

    I got my stereo scattered all over the house...

    It’s going in here ALL OF IT..

    .. 5BCCBFAE-4870-46EE-B8A8-638A23CC391B.jpeg

    And I’m gonna stain it to look like this..
    . 998829C2-18DA-48E9-AE6C-487312BEE8CE.jpeg


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