Vinegar spilled into soil :(

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  1. So i went to take out my girls out lastnight, and didnt notice i had my little measuring cup of vinegar&soap hanging off the corner of my box (for gnats). When i took my strawberry cough plant out of the box it spilled the mixture and i think some of it got into my soil. When i went to turn the lights on this afternoon all the tops were bent over :(. I immediatly went and flushed it with 1gal of water. It looks like the smaller tops have began to look up.

    Should i not turn the lights off tonight until it recovers? Its only been flowering for about 5days.

    Ill post pixs later
  2. Here are some pixs :(

    Does anyone think i should use a toothpick to hold them up?

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  3. Anyone got any ideas????
  4. Looks like your user name is living up to its name.
  5. Username is one word big guy.

    Theres no need for useless comments here, if you dont have adivce stay out.
  6. Flush and pray....
  7. I flushed today at 12:00pm and just did another flush at 6:00pm. Im just gonna leave and hope it pops back up. There wasnt that much vinegar in the cup, less then 1/4 of the cup spilled.

    Sucks but wish me luck
  8. How big of a container do you have the plant in? Epsom salts should reverse the acidity. Hopefully the vinegar didn't create that much of a change in your PH. Do you test your runoff after a flush? A dilute mix of epsom salt surely wouldn't hurt 5 days into flowering, but then again plain water may be better. Acetic acid dilutes and fizzles out rapidly. I used to use 5% white vinegar as a ph down in my outdoor garden @ the rate of 1/2 tsp. per gallon. That ratio would drop the ph one full point, but after 24 hrs the ph would climb back to it's consistent 7.8. Hope that gives some help.
  9. poppybgood- Thanks for the advice, i think im just gonna flush with plain water for now. I think im gonna have to keep the lights on untill i figure out whats goin on.

    Whats kinda timeframe does a cannabis plant have to recover from something like this?
  10. No progress so far. How more much time should i give it to come back? If its dead i wanna put my 1ft plant into that container and use those lights.
  11. Hey man I can drink vinegar i think it tastes that good
  12. ^^ Hey man no one gives a shit!

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