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vinegar and eggshells for co2

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by owenfortwenty, Feb 19, 2011.

  1. has anyone ever tried this just wandering i am with eazyrider x ak47 at three weeks old used 12 eggshells to 1 qt white vinegar ive read that it works oh ya im in a 4x4x6.5 tent mix is in when light is on out when off with carbon filter runing 2 hr before and after the light cycles both on and off whats your take on it
  2. Get a old paint tub (2 gallon ish) drill a little hole in the lid 3 cups of sugar 2 tablespoon of dried active yeast fill halfway with water you will get plenty of CO2 and will cost you about a quid!!! .... for a small grow.... shake every couple of days.
  3. no sht like making wine
  4. Yeah its a bi product of beer lots of CO2 fella, I do it and see results. :D
  5. got ten ezx47 in there and putting ten sour 60 in tonight
  6. I wouldn't put 20 plants in a 4 x 4 tent honestly 8-12 plant max they will bush loads.
  7. ive got every thing here too i make my own wine lol
  8. i have two seperate tents both set up the same trying to get a monthy havest
  9. arrgh sweet fella.. good luck what nutes, soil etc lighting??
  10. haha laughing
  11. using flora nova for the nutes in soil 50/50 organic compost, potingsoil no mg crap here 600 watts hps gonna try my hand at a bucket grow in a few months

  12. Wow, does this really work??? That's an awesome solution. Tanks in my area run around $175, this would cost a fraction of that!

  13. i use the same method 4 co2.a poormans solution.i only mix it up about 2 gal. a time during flowering and lasts about a week or so.especially if ya shake it up once a day.it does produce co2.not sure how much exactly,but it does work.
  14. I'm sold on this. Got the supplies at my local grocery store tonight and I'm using an old coffee can. Gonna put it in my tent in the morning.

    Thanks for the great tip!
  15. Really like the bucket and yeast idea, been thinking of adding co2 to my grow closet. Just need to read up on how much for an area, and any safety concerns with higher co2 levels in the house.
  16. CO2 doesn't affect people till around 5000 ppm (makes you woozy at that point)... Good CO2 levels for marijuana are around 1200-1500 ppm. I doubt this homemade CO2 device can get up to 5000 ppm and be dangerous for people. Without a controller or monitor there is no guarantee though.

  17. Agreed. This thing isn't going to be producing any dangerous levels. Anything it produces will probably be immediately eaten up by the plants anyways. I think it's a brilliant idea and put mine in my tent this morning.
  18. Keep us posted if you see some results!

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