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  1. how long would 1000 MG stay in my system?and is there anyway i can flush it out or no?

  2. My thoughts exactly. Are you sure you're not talking about 1000mg ACETAMINOPHEN?
  3. another dumbass who doesn't need to be doing vicodins if he doesn't even understand that he has 5/500's and 1000mg is acetaminophen not the opiate itself.. erowid man erowid...
  4. I've taken countless hydrocodones right before a piss test and never tested positive for opiates.
  5. 1000mg, haha. You'd be dead, hombre.
  6. 10mg of hydrocodone (not 1000mg) should be out of your system in a couple days, just drink alot of water if your worried.
  7. People, please look up the drug that you are putting in your body before you come over here and ask a dumb ass question like that.

    If you can't figure out if you have 10mg or 1000mg of tylenol in a 10/1000 pill, you don't need to be doing drugs. Wikipedia is a very easy way to figure it out, FFR.
  8. oh you crazy kids. let us be patient with those who are new to using drugs and (apparently) reading labels :) yes it was a stupid mistake to say that they ingested 1000mg of hydrocodone, but dont we all make stupid mistakes at some point in our life? it is our right, nay, our responsibility, to educate those who are not as opioid-smart as the rest of us. dont you agree?
  9. wow
    every since i was like 11 ive heard dumbasses talk about 1000mg vicodin
  10. It'll last you all the way to your grave.

    But the 10 or 15mgs your actually taking stays for 1-2 days, not long
  11. Standard rule of thumb on how long pills stay in your system is 3-5 days. More if you're taking a pill with a long half life, less if it has a shorter half life.
  12. So basically what your saying is it could be any amount of time, lol

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