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vikes and weed

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Jeffrey112, Aug 11, 2008.

  1. i have 5 500 mg viks and i have some preety big so i was just gonna take all of em.....and smoke weed....but will either drug conflict with each other.....and will either one lessen the others effects
  2. Nope, they mix well. You're gonna get fadeddd :smoking:

    Edit: Haha that actually reminds me of a time with a friend who had two vic's and he didn't want to take them because it wouldn't do much for him, so he grinded one down and we topped off a couple bowls with it. Smoke was wayy harsh but I got so fucked up.
  3. wait you can smoke viks
  4. Ehh, I wouldn't do it again. It makes your lungs feel like shit after you smoke it. Just snort a couple, parachute the rest, and blaze up. Will be much better.
  5. vicodin and weed are awsome together. be prepared to be one happy mother fucker.
  6. I love munching on some Vicodins then smoking Weed.
    They go perfect together.
  7. I agree vikes and weed are the best :D Have funnnn :smoking:
  8. yeah i decided to smoke some weed and take all 5 viks...i did eat a little after i took feeling really chill right now,.....I plan to buy some more after this

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