Vigorous Root Development With New Seeds?

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  1. I was wondering what a good organic solution for getting vigorous root growth from new seeds is? I was thinking something with b vitamins or cultures or something, help? Thank you.

  2. How about just a solid organic soil mix using quality vermicompost?

    That would be my choice over a specific certain single item.

  3. I am thinking getting lots of root growth is somewhat genetic. I currently have 2 seedlings in solo cups sprouted about the same time within a few days of each other. One is about 8 or 10 inches tall with no roots coming out the bottom, while the other is about 4 or 5 inches tall and the reservoir (they are in self watering cups) is full of roots. They are both in the same soil, the one with less roots also uses more water. I found this to be very interesting.
  4. Kahg

    Thats how i personally weed out seedlings,, if the root growth isnt there then the plant wont fully produce.

    My two cents at least.
  5. Microbes, I like to let everything grow. I am not picky and feel that everything has potential to be great. I will keep that in mind though and watch how these two plants grow throughout. I have not really paid much attention to root growth until recently as I have been growing everything in self watering cups now. I just notice mostly that there are way more roots using these SIPs than without, that also probably has to do with the fact that my plants are healthier being in this organic mix compared to fox farm.
  6. Just picked up a copy of roots demystified, so far it's an amazing read and I think roots are more important then we give credit.

    Not just roots but the types of roots certain plants will and won't make.

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    Enjoyable read, eh?
    You should check out Elliot Coleman's "The New Organic Grower: A Master's Manual of Tools and Techniques for the Home and Market Gardener".
    I like that one much more tbh, it's very thorough.


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