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  1. Hey guys,

    Ive watched vids and dvds on growing mj and some pretty good ones, but I was wondering, is there anything on organic growing by growers like you guys?

    i want to grow grow 400g in my 1.2sqm tent and hopefully in 10 weeks with a strain called third dimension by subcool, it says it harvest period is 45-55 days and its there fastest growing strain.
    So was looking for some help.
    I was going to grow totally organically water only with mix, but people were saying its too hard to get that yield in that time for a first timer. So Im thinking of growing with organic soil, and some organic nutes through the water like worm casting etc.

    But vids on both methods would be good.
    And by vids, I mean dvds or grow vids by u guys.

  2. It was me in another section trying to discuss with you that your "400g" will be inaccurate, or that your "10 weeks" for it will be inaccurate, but not necessarily both, but you kept misunderstanding me. Let alone that amount in that square footage. Actually you were last talking about making 500g's in this 1.2sqm tent in 10 weeks and that you have never grown before. It was the never grown before part of your post that i was trying to point out. You as a new grower can grow 500g's, and you as a new grower can grow some plants and have them done in 10 weeks, but not both 500g's and in 10 weeks as an inexperienced grower. I did not say it is hard, but i grew for years the non-organic way, it was a smooth transition to soil blending. You stated somewhere in our postings, that you havenk't ever grown before. You have not mastered heat, cold, lights, leaks, tempermental phenos, infestations, water types, damange control, deficiencies and remedies, beside the most obvious... soil mixing and ammending. I had. And my prediction wasn't weather *I* could grow that amount in that space in that time, or if it could be done, it was whether anyone thought that *you* could do it...I didn't think so and i was not writing it out correctly. I still do not believe the parameters you have set for yourself are going to be attainable, but you can grow some and prove me wrong :hello: You have to just grow some and see what you get... in what time...and post some pics along the way, i love to look at pot.
  3. Thanks dude. I understand, just wanted to watch some vids on proper organic growing so I can do that for my next grow. :)

    Im hoping to try and learn as much as i can. and reading the problems page to constantly look out for mistakes. Im very much into fixing problems lol, even as a fighter, i always look at my mistakes for hours and other fighters. I got right into the detail, from the way the body works, what they eat, how they train. Im the same when it comes to cooking and molases, so im hoping to take it into mj. obviously its totally different and a different ball game so will take me longer to learn.

    So Im hoping that indoor, a good quality tent would be ok and with the duck tape for light leaks.
    I asked about temps and humidity, so I was advised when it gets cold here in scotland in the loft, to get an oil rad, to not let the temps drop too much.

    I do realize a totally organic grow would be hard to control and i will probably mess up lol. So with your advice, I decided I should avoid it for the next couple grows and try it with organic nutes. I think if I can get the rest down and for my first time, and hopefully get things semi smooth lol.

    For my first grow Im gonna try water and organic nutes with a simples soil mix lol.
    Another user read about the strain I want grow, third dimension which grows quite quick.

    And its true, I havent grown before :p
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    WOW you really are harping on this 'organic is difficult' delusion.

    Growing MJ is only as complicated and difficult as you make it.

    Yes, organics take some learning and some doing, but i think it is absolutely WAY EASIER to just pour 2 liters of water (spiked w/ liq. seaweed and Pot. Silicate) into each one of my pots every 4 days. no worrying about pH, not worrying about PPMs, Nute burns...HA!

    but, it is your choice.

    btw, my soil amendments cost couple of bucks per container (~4 gallons) and i'm just adding rain water and readily available, inexpensive additives. can't get much easier/cheaper IMO. I may not have all 120,000 ingredients in my soil that it takes to make a total and complete soil, but i have a reasonably diverse soil that, I believe, Will grow some bomb ass weed.
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    You won't meet your goals, in any system, if it's your first grow. It's everything to do with your experience, and nothing to do with your medium.

    Well, you might, but you're setting yourself up for dissapointment. Your first run should be for love, not profit bro. Learn the plant, then you can start learning the numbers. Trying to meet a set yield goal, especially if you're going from seed or working with unknown genetics, is just going to bum you out.

    Also, water only mixes are no more difficult, or poorer yielding than any other medium. You always, always, always get out exactly what you put in. Do the legwork and the studying, in any medium, and it will pay you. A lazy grow is a lazy grow whether it's synthetic, or organic.
  6. Do organic soil, it's waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay easier than fixing those crappy-asses shitty nutes. Water or a nice tea in good soil is so much nicer. Look for this stuff in your area, hit up some local farmers for some decent compost, search for peet moss and bacis dirt and vermiculite and then look for these to add:

    --granite, slate, marble, quarts... put it on concrete and cover with a chunk of carpet adn smash the hell out of it on the back path in the garden. use powder in soil, they mineralize the soil some.
    --dolomite lime.
    --blood meal
    --bone meal
    --alfalpha meal
    --comfrey meal, ground or whole in dryed straw form
    --soft rock phosphate
    --shells: chicken, duck or anykind powdered, or oyster shells powdered or flaked.
    --kelp meal, or dried and whole or any kind, but the north atlantic variety is considered best... not that i notice a huge issue with fishing it out of my closeby ocean and cleaning and using it.
    --earthworm castings in a bag at plant or home place.
    --neem seed meal and oil.
    --liquid silica
    --sul-po-mag (farmers would know where to look for this, ask what store or co-op they use) it's a rock like epsom salts and have sulfur, potassium and magnesium in it.
    --any bat guano you can get your hands on.

    make a mound of ingrediences and mix as you add them, you don't need all of them, just some of what ever you can find and post what you have found and we will help you design a soil that will support a plant. We aren't 'nute' bottle people in this portion of the grass city forum... but there are some really smart folks in this section if you want to just design some good dirt and have some fun.
  7. Thats really helpful guys.
    Your all so nice lol
    I will have a good read 2moro and reply and have a look too.
    How many pots should I go for then? And just any pots from the garden center will do? :p

    I do know I wont be able to smash anything as Im doing physio from a torn groin...from smashing a slashhammer to break some

  8. The days listed is FLOWERING time. So you have veg time+transition time+45-55days in flowering time+weeks of drying and curing= weed to use. You're way off.
  9. ouch lol.
    Thanks for that dude, needed that cleared up. Much appreciated.

    Im ordering my tent and as much as i can. reading the list you guys gave me. went to the fishing store to ask for worm casting and the manager wasnt in??? this is a proper fishing shop old fashioned and the guy couldnt help me but knew the main guy sold it from the back.. lol but that was an awesome list and im going through it.

    im also going back to the thread that said the guy can make 500g in 10 weeks easy and so could i, to see what the hell was it thinkin lol.

    just looking for grow as fast as i can but not nastily. iv ordered from medical quality mj from the mom in canada to last me awhile and because of my injury and employment support i cant work till january.

    thanks guys :)

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