Videos of my Spring Break. PANAMACITY

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  1. Sounds like somebody needs to get some pussy

    Nice vid's OP, makes me wish I woulda just gone to college instead of start my own business... kind of lol
  2. Blunts are big in Houston BECAUSE rappers talk about them. Houston music is about smoking blunts, sippin lean, and riding on 4's. And its not like i have spoons, bongs, bubs, and a vape here at home? so fuck you man I'm a true cannabis connoisseur because i can grow and enjoy marijuana to the fullest of its capabilities in my present situation. dont hate on the video cuz you're jealous bitch

    ^hahaha real talk. people hate for no reason. I bought the sac, lemme enjoy my bud how i want to? and you should go back to college man! follow what you wanna do
  3. I thoroughly enjoyed the vids, reminded me of high school drinking with my buddies in ft lauderdale lol
  4. better be pouring the fuck up than! haha
  5. thanks man, we've been friends since highschool and we're trying to stay close despite going to different colleges
  6. good shit man. I enjoyed watching yall get fucked up

    nice choice of music (Earl Sweatshirt & ASAP Rocky)
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    Take me down to the paradise city where the grass is green and girls are pretty!
  8. fuck yeah bro you living! Im in college but im 24 (fucked up in high school and waited like 4 years to go) and have a job and live with my girl. I wish I had the experience you are currently having that would be sick. Props bro props it reminds me of when me n my boys would get fake ids just to check into hotels in Daytona for our spring break in high school when the rents all thought we were at each others houses.

    they found out like the second day every year and never did anything LOL

    to the guy bitching about blunts. REALLY? YOU WISH YOU HAD OPS LIFE LOL
  9. ya I never got how people can bitch about how other people smoke, I mean damn that's all you have to say? haha

    but thanks for the advice bro, I don't see it happening for another year or two but fuck it, I'm still makin that paper in the mean time
  10. Where are y'all from?
  11. You post videos of yourself then say you grow all on an online forum, most likely monitored by at least one law official.
    Fuckin G status huh
  12. [quote name='"CDub 2 Trill"']But you brought 2 ounces of stinky dank but not a device to get high from?
    Blunts aren't big in houston, kids love blunts cause rappers talk about them, and the only people that smoke them are people like in the video.
    Not what I would call a true cannabis connoisseur[/quote]

    Haha I smoke blunts. And I have almost $750 in glass..

    Blunts. Are the shit. Bro.
  13. [quote name='"CDub 2 Trill"']You post videos of yourself then say you grow all on an online forum, most likely monitored by at least one law official.
    Fuckin G status huh[/quote]

    It's like your life mission is to be sarcastic.

    Cause the Feds are gunna come bustin your door down over a small grow and some spring break videos.

  14. more like DGAF status Id say
  15. Thats how i hope my spring break turns out next week.. man i cant wait. Dope music selection btw.
  16. Good fucking god, stop crying FFS.

    And nice videos OP. You guys know how to live it up because that's exactly how my friends and I would chill if we all had a good amount of money. :smoke:
  17. lol shut the fuck up who said I had an op in my house? Cops have bigger things to worry about, I pay my taxes and don't steal from other people. Don't be jealous bro you're the only person putting hate on this thread. YA LIL BITCH
  18. Houston brah

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