(VIDEO) Organic Afghan Kush Ryder - week 4 1/2

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    Hey blades!

    Ive been growing 2 100% organic Afghan Kush Ryders from World of Seeds! They grow very fast, but this is my first grow ever.

    Its currently at around week 5 from seed. The bud sites look much more bigger on one of the plants but the other plant has a much stronger stem and is much more bushy than the one with big bud sites.

    Will the bud sites expand or am i expecting to yield about as much as whats shown in the video?

    Also, under some of the bud sites the two 'white' hairs are turning dark brown on some of them, should i be worried?

    I think they look ok for now, and boy do they smell WONDERFUL! :hello::smoke:

    Cant wait to harvest for 4/20!


    Shes been on these nutes up until now: Kelp, Molasses, Miracle-Gro organic nutes

    Today i got some better quality nutes for her since it was time to feed, so today she was fed a meal of:

    -Iguana Juice Bloom


    3 x 105 watt (500 watt equivalent) CFL's (2 x 2700k, 1 x 6400k)
  2. on my first auto grow witch im still currently growing i was worrying about white hairs going brown early and i put a thread about it and its perfectly normall
    nice plants by the way keep updateing
  3. Thats great to hear, your buds in that thread look incredible! I will keep this page updated from now on
  4. its a low odur smell hardley smells at all unless u gentally rub buds whats yours like do they have a smell to them ?
  5. They do definitely have a smell as soon as i walk in the room all i smell is a kushy / hashy smell

    I think the taller plant with smaller bud sites smells a lot more, the shorter one with bigger bud sites doesnt really have a very noticeable smell, more like a green grassy leaf type smell
  6. i felt exactly how u did and before i knew it the buds just explode lol
  7. its looking good. You still have a while before you cut them down so there isnt much estimation on yield... a lot can happen in 3-4 weeks lol
  8. Hey blades,

    Gave her some bud candy this morning and shes really loving it already, i dont know if its just the autoflower strain but shes definitely plumped up a bit from this morning, check it out:

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_myv0JLkr0I&context=C4e35021ADvjVQa1PpcFODfWWYxkv_tBzIr8NezJsOcYUEtc3HBt8=]Organic Afghan Kush Ryder - BUD CANDY Update! - YouTube[/ame]

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