[VIDEO] Nancy Grace is a douchebag

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  1. I never could stand that bitch anyhow! good thread.:mad:
  2. She is queen douche, but those parents are still idiots and should be convicted.

  3. :hello: I agree..
  4. You sir, have been trolled.
  5. Shit I would accept a rice krispy treat 'laced with heavy amount of marijuana'

    I'm glad I'm not that bitches kid, I'd kill myself. No lie.Wow what a fuckin bitch "did you say that on this show?"
  6. "Did you say a pee test on my show?"
    "Yes, i did say that."
    "It's called a urine analysis..." :rolleyes:

    This bitch needs to get slapped, straight up baby powder to the dome. She isn't intelligent, her hair has never changed and lacks movement, and her arrogance alone makes donkeys seem like saints!
  7. That's kind of what she gets paid for. Its like bringing attention to that fact Glenn Beck is a crackpot. Its kind of what they do for a living. No surprises there.
  8. It's even worse when she "unleashes the lawyers"..
  9. Wow, i fucking hate this woman so goddamn much
  10. More of a cunt than a douchebag
  11. They act like the baby was on his way to death. "lethargic and blood shot eyes"


    Nancy Grace needs to die by disembowelment.
  12. i think it would be funnier if she died from disbowelmovement ;)
  13. I really think I would spit in her face. Why the fuck did she feel the need to speak to the other reporter like that? What a high-and-mighty old cunt.
  14. I didn't even click the link before but yeah the parents need to be beat down.
  15. Duuuude! I was halfway with her with the whole "where were they stored? if they were that old they would be rock hard" I totally get and understood that no problem. Yea, she was being really agressive in addressing her questions, but whatever its just an act that interviewers tend to do. I watch The Daily Show. I get it.

    It was until the end when she was all "did you just say 'pee test' on this show? it is called a 'urine analysis'." is the point when I could not help but yell "fucking cunt" at my monitor. That is one retarded bitch to call out what very few supporters she has for dumbing things down. Obviously she acknowledges the IQ level of your viewers is around the same as a NASCAR event and it would probably be best to avoid words longer than 2 sylabils, or you'll lose them too.

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