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  1. Be honest, are video games a waste of life?

    Are they productive to your life in any significant way, shape or form?
  2. I've thought about this question and to be honest I don't like playing games that are medicore- i only bother with exceptionally good/interesting games like god of war 3 and katamari.

    honestly though- i think people that sit in their rooms in front of a screen all day are kind of wasting their lives, but there are so many factors....

    for example: i would like to do spend time making money and doing productive things but i haven't landed a job yet and i don't know of any local places i can help out so i end up spending a lot of my free time outside of college on the internet simply because i don't know what the fuck else to do when no ones around and i like to create art once in a while...........
  3. well is t.v a waste of life? sport? grasscity?

    It's a hobby.
  4. It's hard to answer that because to some people they can say its a waste of time because nothing is really being accomplished. But if your enjoying yourself and having fun than who am I to say its a waste of time. Btw I love video games.
  5. t.v. is a waste of life. exceptions for history channel and programs like that.
    sports, no because they help you exercise, but there are better/ cheaper ways to do that.
    grasscity, no because you are increasing your knowledge on drug usage.
  6. I have wondered this myself. However, some of my most warming memories have to do with videos games. Final Fantasy :love:

    Nothing can turn around a bad day like a good video game for me. When I have free time with nothing to do and I am stuck at home, it is like an oasis in the desert. Video games have also helped occupy my mind in dark and difficult times in my life.

    These days video games have become so much deeper. Games like Bioshock have really made me think, and have ruined me on games that do not share a similar complexity about them.

    Anyway, I voted for "No way!" :cool:
  7. Of course they are, not that there is anything wrong with that though.

    When you could be reading literature, understanding philosophy, learning about how history developed, of course they are a waste of fucking time hahahahaha

    Not to say I am above that, I play vids all the time, and that time could be better spent, but wtf you want me to do?

    Read all day?!
  8. Good answer. I like it.
  9. Really depends imo. I know when I was little playing RPG games REALLY taught me how to read and increased my vocabulary a whole lot, I'd say that wasnt a waste of time.

    If you have something you need to be doing I would say playin video games instead is a waste, but if you have nothing to do and you're entertaining yourself I'd say they're fine.
  10. yes they're a waste of time. unless you make bread playing MLG it's just a time killer. and yeah, i still play. ha.
  11. I used to play tournaments in CAL-I for CS:S and made some money at it :cool: And also played BF2 Religiously for awhile, now i play when im bored I CANT WAIT FOR MODERN WARFARE 2!! :hello: yes ive been gaming since i was 3 so fuck off ill pwn anyone at any game.

    xfire=xxnickpwnsxx if u want a challenge :wave:
  12. Hell no. They are a form of entertainment and they do what they do best. If you are playing them to have fun, how are you wasting time? Yeah you could be doing something else but who the hell does something productive 100% of the time? You would go insane.

    Plusvideo games can help people learn strategy and help build your reflexes
  13. i wish there was a "kinda" option. i think they are a waste of time to to a certain degree. but then again, so are movies and television and myspace facebook etc.... i still do all those things
  14. People have been using things to pass the time for as long as humans have been alive. Whether it be dancing around a campfire or rolling a wheel down a street with a stick. Just because we're doing it with technology now shouldn't change the fact that its necessary for people indulge in these activities. Whether it be watching TV, playing video games or just using the computer.

    Idk if that made sense, Im kinda high.:smoke:
  15. Nope, everything we do is just a "past-time" from the point we are born to the time of death. Whether that means you want to be high and eating the whole time, so be it, doesn't matter in the long run. Or you want to be ambitious and try to out do everyone in money and fame, it's your deal.

    I'm not saying sit on your ass and become nothing but hell in the long run when you are laying in the ground under dirt does a nice house, car, tons of money mean anything? Or is it just the fact that you had a good life and that's that?

    You decide.
  16. Video games are a waste of time, only because thats what theyre designed to be. Thats what they ARE, a device that helps you pass/waste time.
  17. Video games are only a problem if they are harming you or the people around you in some way, much like anything (weed, alcohol, pornography, etc).

    If you just play to relax in your spare time, I don't see how they can be a problem.

    And personally, I have an xbox and Xbox live and love it just because a lot of my friends that have moved away, who are married, or who go to different schools than me I still can talk to a lot more often and we can have fun doing something together, whether its watching something on netflix or killing nazi zombies. I stay in touch with them a lot better than some other friends.

    Also, go play a game like Braid and tell me that video games can't be art, or have no worth in society. They're just like anything else, there are great video games as well as bad ones, just like movies, television, books, and music.

    and all in all it comes down to your personal opinions, and in my personal opinion, I see no problems with video games that other media types don't already have.
  18. Waste of time.

    Not that that's a bad thing... just like GC, it's just a time filler.
  19. seems like you can define anything as a waste of time. They definetly don't accomplish anything but they're relaxing and a chill thing to do if nothing else... As for something practical the day I quit wow after 3 years of hardcore play my hand eye coordination was nothing short of godlike.
  20. Lots of things aren't productive - smoking weed and recreational sex to name but two. It doesn't mean they're a waste of time :smoke:

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