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  1. My girlfriend has always been against me smoking but then the other day I told her that I was gonna do it before I picked her up but she insisted I come right then to pick her up. When I got there she said she just wanted to try it with me. She did and we just chilled out and watched a movie she said she loved it! What a win!
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    I want to option the movie rights for this story.

    Edit: IN A WORLD that disapproved of dope, ONE MAN had the courage to go to his girlfriend's house. He PICKED HER UP and everything changed. FOREVER.
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    holy shit. who knew that there were so many doosh bags in one place. well now i know. thank you.

    disrespect is not tolerated here..
  4. No I remember when I did what you did to an extent. It was cool for a while but then, lets just say you should stop with pot...
  5. Nice dude. It's always good to convert a non-believer :) Enjoy smoking with your gf
  6. if i could id neg rep everyone that posted a damn cool story bro picture
  7. With my luck lately, I'd go over to her house and she'd then inform me that she was an undercover agent with the DEA and they now had video and audio of almost everything I've done in the last month. Fuck!!! I still might ask her if she wanted to fuck before or after handcuffing me lol

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  9. fuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
  10. Nice man! Now you can blaze and fuck :smoke:
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    Hey! I am not a doosh!
  12. Sorry that was uncalled for I was just really excited and got shot down by a couple people. Sorry if I offended anyone.
  13. Who says you cant?
  14. :eek: He doesn't realize the special powers that reside within himself. :smoke:

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