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Vics and alcohol.

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by nik12937, May 31, 2009.

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    So I'm going to be going to a party in a week, and me and my buddy got about 10 5mg vics from a guy I know from school. I know APAP is harsh on your liver, as is alcohol, so would it be ok to take them both if I do a CWE on the vics? And also, I heard that you shouldn't take as many pills when you drink because they kick in stronger when combined, so does anyone have an estimate as to how many mg me and my friend should take? It's our first time using any kind of opiate (don't worry about addiction, I have very very good self control). Thanks for any help blades :D

    EDIT: We'll also have lots of weed from a pickup my bro just got a few minutes ago, so any advice into the order we should do the different things/ how much, just basically any advice is helpful, I wanna have a blast and not worry about getting sick or anything.
  2. 15 mg should have you feeling good, I've mixed codeine + alch before and never had a problem.
    taking 20mg and smoking would have you feeling greaaaaaat. :smoke:
  3. I just want to know if I should use less and mix them, or just space out when I use them? And I planned on 15mg for myself before I thought of drinking :)
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    Mixing Vic's and Alcohol will multiply the effects of the both of them. You can overdose much more easily.

    Try to choose one or the other IMHO. Better to just have them at separate times then risk the OD (Which in this case will actually be severe liver failure).

    Three things could happen.

    1) Nothing. Your a lucky bastard.

    2) You go into cardiac arrest from combining 2 known depressants.

    3) You die from sustaining massive liver damage/failure due to the combination of APAP and codeine
  5. How long should I wait then? I guess I'll just take them, maybe smoke, and drink later once the affects wear off. Or use them another time, I'm not too sure.

  6. im sick and tired of fucking threads like this asking for support to do something dangerious. its a risk and you might die, but if its worth it then go ahead i guess:confused: how the fuck are we supposed to tell you whether or not to risk your life? thats your decision man
  7. If you're mixing them, take a VERY small amount of the hydrocodone. I know at least 2 people that have almost died that way, on light doses of both. Opiates and alcohol are a bad mixture if you value your life.
  8. Vicoden has a half life of 3-4 hours. If you take 20mg, in 4 hours it will be down to 10, in another 4, 5, etc. Until all of it is completely flushed out of your system.

    It's up to you, but I would save them. Mixing Alcohol and Narcoticsc isn't a good idea. Even if you don't die, you could end up on the transplant list because you combined OP's and AL once.


    To re-iterate, the effects of both drugs when taken are the same time are multiplied, allowing you to OD much easier.
  9. Thanks for the replies everyone, I'll just save them for another time then, I'll still have plenty fun without them :) And xACExbongzilla, I never asked for support to do something dangerous because I obviously didn't know, why else would I ask this question in the first place? Calm down.
  10. Good choice man, good choice.
  11. Everyone body reacts diffferent to certain I'm addicted to opiates and occasionally drink on them and for me they don't enhance shit so everyone different.

    Last night I was taking Xanax total probly around 6mg took maybe about 80mg of hydrocorone the blues and drank about a six pack and did maybe between a 20 and a 40 of coke and I'm still alive so everyone diffflerent I'm not saying it's ok to do but just listen to ur body and know when enough is enough.
  12. i guess some people just dont care if they dont wake up. i know iv been there but iv never been into pharms n shit
  13. Are u saying I don't care bout my life cuz I do but like I saiid I know my body and know when to stop so yea plus if some ppl don't care bout there life then it's no ones bizz but there own

  14. If you don't like pharms then why did u have to put ur two cents in about something u don't know about. Douche.

  15. Tolerance is everything. That and knowing your body.

  16. i dont do pharms for a reason. iv done my homework. you obviously blindly pop drugs and live in the denial that "you know your body" . you probably know nothing about the anatomy of the human body and how certian molecules react with certian organs

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