Vicodine or Vallium which one first?

Discussion in 'General' started by cowofsteel, Jul 10, 2003.


Which one first???

  1. Vallium

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  2. Vicodine

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  3. Both (if you want me to die)

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  4. NONE! drugs are bad m'kay

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  1. Okay first off let me tell you i do know that pills are "bad" and you die if you take them, so if you think that ill add an option for ya, but for those that like pills in moderation....

    I've got 4 vic, and 4 vallium, i was wonderin which one do you think i should take right now? (no not all of them)
  2. it depends, theyre two completely different drugs. Vicodin is hydrocodone'll make you feel floaty and fuzzy for a little bit with the added ability of decreasng sensations of pain.... Valium is a'll make you feel lovey dovey and a little off equilibrium, sort of a drunkeness more compared to vicodin. The real main difference is the valium will last much longer, ive taken 5 valiums at night to wake up the next morning still feeling "weird"....if you've taken vicodin before and liek the effects, take a vicodin or 4, if you've been there, done that and gotten the T-shirt, then go for the may need more than one valium to get your recreational dosage though.
  3. so is like Vicodine twice as powerful?
  4. Vicodin is cool. I got some because I got my wisdom teeth taken out, and they helped very nicely. Take like a couple of those, you'll feel good.

    And btw, Vicodin is 6x more powerful than codeine.

  5. fuck man, i was so fucked up last night, no more vallium for me...

    can't even remeber what happned at all. that's never happnened to me before w/ valium.
  6. Hello fellow deviants,

    I realise that this is somewhat off the subject, but I've got a real hankering to talk and none of my flat mates are home...

    Anyways, I've been smoking soapbar for a while now and frankly it's getting to be a bit boring. This afternoon I scored myself some speed and it's making things a bit more interesting I can tell you sirree bob.

    Anyways, does the old myth stand true... does casual mareehooana use lead to harder drugs? You feckin betcha boyo. Is that a rhetorical question? Is asking rhetorical questions mean than I'm talking rhetoric.... bullshit more like.

    Hey ho, love yaz.
  7. Long time since I heard the term soap bar AND deviant for that matter!

    Made my day. Deviants are by far the most lovely people!
  8. By and far, the word deviant is right there on top of my favourite word list. Not only does it describe my whiley ways to a tee but it also highlights the lows to which I am willing to go.

    Not so many nights ago, in a particularly drunken state I fucked this girl in my class. Not so special you might say. Not even up to deviant standards you might proclaim. Well, as the story goes, we're in this pub... me, my mate, this girl and her friend. We all get chatting and me and my mate manage to get her to agree to a spit roasting down in the toilets. Well, it was as if someone in Gods green pastures heard us, because in walks her boyfriend and puts a downer on the whole situation. Fuck, I think to myself. That's the end to that sexual debacle. WRONG.

    She tells me that she never really fancied my mate, she was just wanting to shag me so I tell my mate to keep Mr boyfriend busy with a few drinks and me and her slope off down to the toilets.... I'm supposedly not feeling too well We say.

    Well, in a word. The fuck was 'crap'. She was all mouth till we got down to the toilets. After a few umms and ahhs' from her deciding whether or not she was willing to go through with it, I whip out my dick outside the toilet door and say 'YES' or 'NO'.

    Man, that was my defining moment. You should have seen the look on her face. It took us approximately 3.3 seconds to get into the toilets, barge our way past a couple of 'very curious' bystanders and into a cubicle.

    Well, anyways - I digress a little. Back to the crap fuck. I'm no fucking Brad Pitt and she was certainly no Mrs Brad Pitt, but she could have at least put some effort into it. There I am sitting on the toilet with my trousers round my ankles with her sliding up and down on my knob and I swear to you not, I thought 'I've had better wanks than this'. So with no more ado, I stood up, bent her over the toilet and fucked her up the arse. Surprised.... she was fucking going loopy.

    Anyways, to cut a longish story shortish, I fucked her, shot as much of my load into her hair as I could manage... not easy when she's screaming at the top of her voice - don't come inside me... I'm not on the pill.. <Like I give a shit> and we both headed back up to meet and greet the boyf.

    And what's the moral to this story you might ask? There are two morals to be learnt and both are simple ones. 1. Semen does wonders for your hair, so if you need some extra deep conditioning, just give me a shout.
    2. Drink is a terrible thing.


    PS> She was a ginger. I've only ever shagged one other ginger but she shaved her muff so it didn't count.

    PPS> Ginger birds come in two categories - those with brillo pad hairdo's and those without. Stick with those who have no affiliance to Brillo..... if it's Brillo up top, it's brillo down below. OUCH.

    PPPS> I'm fucking rolling.
  9. On the topic of pills i got 2 percocet (generic version called rixocet or something) from a friend who had hernia surgery adn they say 54/543 on them. I was wondering if i should take both of em at the same time and if its ok to smoke on top of them, quick & all replys appreciated!
  10. heres a pic, and btw, the friend i got them from is 300+ pounds so do you think they would give him a more powerful prescription, and if so should a 140 pound person be cautious when taking them?

    EDIT: Sorry to clog your thread cowofsteal!

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