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  1. Well let me start off by saying that I had some Vicodin left over from some wrist surgery I had done. So I decided to try them recreationally if that's what you'd call it, and mostly found myself being mellowed out and whatnot. I usually just take 3 5/500's and will get usual feeling, but just the other day I took 3 and got this amazing feeling throughout my body that I've never gotten before from taking Vicodin.

    So basically why I'm here, is because I'm wondering where that feeling came from and why I felt it regardless that I just did what I usually do. What do you think would help me get that again.

  2. Well this will be some unsafe advice, but if you truly are trying to get messed up follow my advice.

    They make 10mg vicodin, so you just took 2/3's of ONE pill. Take 4, and try taking a shot of some sort of alcohol. Wait, let your body chill and your mind figure out whats going on. If you feel confident, take another shot. I wouldnt drink heavily on them, but a small amount wont hurt.

    I will usually take 4, 5mg, and Im usually set. Also, ive tried freebasing and snorting vicoding.

    Snorting it hurts because of the Tylenol, and you can go ahead and call me dumb for freebasing :D cuz it was retarded.
  3. Wouldn't I have taken half of one pill if they make 10mg vicodin. I've taken up to 5 5mg pill before and still haven't gotten that same feeling. But what will the alcohol do? I've always been told not to take painkillers and alchohol.
  4. I'd avoid drinking alcohol with pills that are also loaded the Acetaminophen. Liver damage ftw!
  5. Feel free to take a couple shots if you do the CWE and get the acetaminophen out, but otherwise, avoid alcohol...if you treasure your liver at all.
  6. How would I cold water extract the acetominophen out? Sorry, I'm a bit of a noob when it comes to this.
  7. i almost always snort my pain killers and i only take them if i'm drinking and/or smoking also. i've never had any adverse affects, only super relaxed good times :smoking:
  8. actually he took 15 mg's of vicodin so that would be a pill and a half. 5 mg's is just one pill of the lowest potency. I dont see how you even feel anything off of that.
  9. 15 mg ain't shit. I normally eat 40 mg's when I trip off of vicki's. Try that much with two shots of high quality liquor or vodka.
  10. i just took a couple...feelin good:D
  11. So, I should up the dosage?

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