vice guide to liberia

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  1. please, watch this. it'll blow your mind. and yes, it is real...astonishingly.

    The Vice Guide to Liberia | The VICE Guide to Travel | VICE
  2. 3 minutes into part 1 and it's already hard to watch.
  3. "even the commissioner comes squats down and shit with the people" haha that just cracked me up
  4. Saw it a long time ago, great documentary. They have a ton of interesting clips on, the pharmacopeia series is good.
  5. i loved the Vice Guide to North Korea, ive watched it a few times and its still good every time
  6. I liked the Liberia one

    My favorite would have to be the Vice guide to Pakistan's gun markets/ and the Bulgarian dirty bombs

    Pakistans gun market blew my mind, you can buy cheap 9mm there for like 25 bucks if I remember correctly.

    Bulgarian dirty bombs scared the shit out of me because this journalist guy openly and easily bought a warhead on the black market, then wrote an article about it.

    fucked up shit.

    THERE ALL ON NETFLIX for the people who have it, I hightly recommend it

    search for the vice guide to travel

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